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Point of Sale Integrations

The Point of Sales software manages estimates, work orders and invoices and is the central data repository for all customers, vehicles and work done on vehicles in the shop.

  • *ALLDATA Manage (not the online version)
  • AutoFluent by TABs
  • Costar
  • *Lankar
  • *MaxxTraxx
  • *M.Key
  • *Mitchell1 / ShopKey
  • *NAPA TRACS Enterprise
  • *NAPA TRACS (Legacy)
  • *Protractor
  • RepairWriter
  • *R.O. Writer ‘
  • *Shop-Ware
  • *VAST Enterprise by MAM Software
  • *Winworks
  • YES by Pace Software

* Denotes that we have 2-way integration with the SmartFlow Add-On

Fitness Test

AutoVitals requires a minimum internet speed and bandwidth to play nice with your network.

iPad / iPhone

For the fitness test you need to be mobile to over freely around the perimeter of your shop.

Android Devices

For the fitness test you need to be mobile to over freely around the perimeter of your shop.

Download The App

Run Fitness Test and get guided through the whole process. Take a screen shot of your results.

Demo Mode

Use the app to try out some digital inspections using a shortened version of an inspection sheet

Send Inspection

After you have completed an inspection you can send by SMS or email to customers or employees.

Real Shops

Click on The Digital Shop® Partner Discussion to see what real shops who use the product are saying.

Review 7 Touchpoints

Click on the menu button to review the 7 Touchpoints and compare if your shop fits into before or after version

Shops Like Me

Check out testimonials from shops around the country more available here.

Router Capability

In the fitness test we were able to gauge your wifi strength throughout your shop. Now, let’s test the potential of your existing set up.
Let’s Check Your Bandwidth Potential. For best results run the speed test on the server where your shop management system is located.
Speed Test

Tablets - Why Apple?

The primary reason for specifically recommending an iPad is that Apple generally continues to support its devices far into the future with OS and firmware upgrades where as the android providers simply come out with a new tablet.

Each technician will require their own tablet. If you do not have tablets available you can buy they from us at a discounted rate or lease them and always stay up to date.

Subscription Tablets
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