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The 7 Touchpoints of Motorist Engagement & Shop Operations

All AutoVitals’ products are focused on improving how motorists interact with your shop and optimizing your internal shop operations. 

Trust Through Transparency

In the digital age “transparency is the currency of trust”. This means you have to really show the motorist what is wrong with their vehicle; gone are the days when the motorist simply trusts a service advisor’s unsupported recommendation.

Data Driven Results

At AutoVitals, we leave nothing to chance. Every best practice metric – picture edit rate, inspection send rate, motorist research time, and more – is tracked on your shop’s own Business Control Panel so you can easily identify where your shop should improve performance, as well as help you manage your way to the operating results you deserve.

Innovation Through Collaboration

The Digital Shop® philosophy is inherently collaborative. All product updates and new releases are driven by the feedback we receive from our customers, your fellow shop owners. Our customers are eager to share best practices and AutoVitals’ tips with you to help you exceed your goals.

7 Touchpoints.
Fix-It-With-Fred Owner Fred Gestwicki.

“We spend most of our day in the AutoVitals system. It’s a mindset shift. Think of [PoS provider] as a way to write RO’s, look up and order parts, collect money. EVERYTHING else is in AutoVitals.” 

Fred Gestwicki, Owner of Fix-It-With-Fred

What Makes The Digital Shop® Different
than Other Auto Repair Service Software Solutions?

Workflow Management

 Increase your average repair order by 30%.

We are more than digital vehicle inspections and offer a host of products and solutions designed to maximize your shop’s efficiency and potential.

Your Long Term Solution

One Platform for Inspections, Workflow, Marketing & More

No matter where you are in your digital journey, AutoVitals has a solution for you. And when you’re ready to take the next step (which you will be sooner than you think), no need to switch vendors…simply reach out to your AutoVitals product advisor.

Unmatched Support

Professional Advising

Whether you have a question about a new feature or you want best practices insights and training, the AutoVitals staff and community of shops is always there to support you.

Digital Vehicle Inspections & Workflow Management

Paperless inspections so you can reach your customers on their smartphone.

Inspection photo editor to quickly and clearly demonstrate value to the motorist.

Technician dispatching and communication to help your Service Advisor manage time and run your shop at peak efficiency.

Digital Vehicle Inspections & Workflow Management examples.

The Business Control Panel

Take action with facts, not gut feelings. The AutoVitals Business Control Panel is your powerful, easy-to-use tool to track the metrics and KPIs that directly impact your ARO, helping you take away the guesswork, and make the right call.

All of our best practices are backed up by data. Measure anything from motorist research time to number of edited pictures per inspection. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be to drive up your weekly revenue by focusing on these important digital metrics.

Custom Websites & Digital Marketing

Our clean designs and highly engaging layouts are optimized to ensure the path to making an appointment is short and converts at an astounding rate.

Expert analysis of your existing database means your site will be equipped with an industry-leading SEO strategy to promote the prime makes, services and locations for your shop.

Reviews from your satisfied customers are actively managed by AutoVitals and displayed prominently to establish the credibility needed for developing trust in the digital age.

We walk the talk. Our newest DS.X sites consistently ace the Google Lighthouse Performance test, meaning they get high marks for SEO, performance and consumer accessibility straight from Google itself.

Custom DS.X website main page.
Customer Retention Software.

Customer Retention Management

Does your shop primarily serve one-time visitors? Increase customer retention with texted appointment reminders with previous inspection results highlighting declined work.

Encourage consistent visits with AutoVitals' loyalty program.

The Digital Shop® At Work at Fix-It With Fred


Looking to increase the volume of his business, Fred Gestwicki (Fix-It With Fred, Canton, OH) knew the key was by digitally reaching a wider audience and by generating more repeat business out of his current customers.


Increase car count in two ways: by acquiring more new customers through increased and more impactful web presence, and by improving customer retention. Invoke feelings of happiness for visitors to the website.


With SEO optimization, area demographic analysis, and a custom in-house website re-design, Digital Shop.X was the perfect fit for Fix-It With Fred. Complete with customer retention tools, their shop was ready to grow.


In less than two years, the shop has tripled both their customer retention and number of new customers, all while maintaining a robust ARO. Click below to see how he did it.

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