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The Digital Shop Platform

So Much More Than Digital Inspections

A lot of steps are involved in the cycle of creating a loyal customer out of a web-searching community member. Just how many? Well, thousands! When we set out to build The Digital Shop platform we wanted to base it around how motorists behave and how a shop needs to be equipped to respond to this behavior. We did the research and have broken our findings down again and again. Finally, we have simplified these steps into 7 vital touchpoints between you and your customer to complete this cycle. The 7 touchpoints of motorist engagement is the framework for The Digital Shop platform. All of our products incorporate these touchpoints to some degree.
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What Decisions Does a Motorist Make When Servicing or Repairing their Vehicle?


When motorists drop off their vehicle they want to be assured that all concerns are taken care of but are usually also in a rush. If they are confident in the shop and can easily review work separation anxiety will be eliminated. If confidence is instilled Motorists approve additional work stemming from last visits inspections results or from maintenance recommendations.


Motorists are eager to know what is going on with their car, they must decide to opt in to notifications so that they will be given status updates throughout the visit. They will be more open to approVINg additional work that is found, if their questions are answered swiftly and with relevant information.


Once motorists have researched the inspection results, and found the severity of the issue to be justified, they will approve the additional work. If their budget allows and the severity was made transparent by the shop using images and videos of the vehicle’s problem areas motorist are responsive to the shop and feel good about their decision.

Pick Up

Picking up the vehicle is a relief for many motorists. If great service and education was provided that generates a loyal customer. Based on their experience with the shop they will book their next appointment, if offered by SA. Shop lets them know they will get documentation emailed about their visit.

Thank You

Motorists’ good experience at the shop is made better with a personalized thank you providing them with value and vehicle service history and health score. They again, are reminded of their great experience before asked to leave a review. They recount their visit as they are deciding what to write, solidifying your shop as their shop.

Follow Up

Often vehicle service and repair needs are out of sight out of mind, the moment the vehicle is back on the road and the problems are fixed. Sending a service reminder, especially if it points to declined work from the last visit will motorists think about making the next appointment.From website through updates your shop itself and emails all material is branded keeping your shop in their mind when they think auto repair.

The Digital Shop Platforms are built on the Motorist’s Decisions and Behaviors That Drive Them

Search and Educate 

Educational Web Suites The most important touchpoint for getting new customers. Motorists are searching the web when looking for any services they need. Does your shop provide the answers they are searching? Motorists want is to be educated on their specific needs. more

Drop Off> Inspect> Approval

SmartFlow Drop Off is a busy time in the shop and an anxious time for the motorist. Use images from last visit and let the customer know they will get text messages to update them on status as you process their vehicle. Reduce motorist anxiety with education on inspection results and motorist approve jobs simply and with confidence. more

Pick Up> Thank You> Follow Up

Customer Loyalty management Instill confidence in motorists, remind them of the value you provided show them before and after images, updated vehicle health and schedule next appointment. Send a personalized email that thanks them for their business and asks for feedback. Stay in Touch with custom campaigns. more

Digital Shop Packages

Search & Educate

How a digital world finds answers and uses their findings to  make decisions they feel good about.

Drop Off

Vehicle Drop off is a hectic time in the shop and an anxious time for motorists. Now, you can quickly and easily review the last visit and set expectations.


Starting with Inspect, motorists want to be updated about the progress of their vehicle in the shop. 30%-40% of calls to your shop can be eliminated and motorists are still engaged!


Send inspection results straight to the palm of their hand. Use images and videos to educate your motorists about services needed using our video library.

Pick Up

Review completed work and compare vehicle health using images. Schedule the next service and allow electronic communication to do the rest.

Thank You

Send a branded email/text to your customer tailored to their experience during their past visit and easily collect Google reviews and AutoVitals reviews to be featured on your website.

Follow Up

Stay in touch with your customers. Provide them with appointment reminders, targeted promotions, loyalty points. Create a high value with a single click.

Product Comparison

All of our products are built upon serVINg shop needs and motorist engagement


SmartFlow X

Smart Pages• Full SmartFlow  • Retention Lite

The Digital Shop Lite

SmartPages • Complete Web Presence • SmartFlow • Retention Lite

The Digital Shop Pro

Smart Pages • Web Presence Pro • Complete Smart Flow • Full Retention


More Jobs Sold


ARO Increase


Time Savings per Vehicle


Tech Findings on The Inspection

If you are serious about your shop's future success then this is a real game changer

This is quite literally a "best thing since sliced bread thing" Just the time savings is well worth the program, than adding in pictures and a way to highlight them for the customer to see it from their smartphone or pc and also the tech being able to instantly pull up history and also have a digital inspection sheet with voice or hand typed notes and check box recommendations. I could go on for another hour but just give this a try/ do a demo and really look hard at it. If you are serious about your shop's future success then this is a real game changer.

craig zale

Craig Zale

Increased our ARO by $267.00

Never any regrets. The website they designed and launched for me brings in more than 80 new customers EVERY month. Smart Flow, the digital inspection system has increased our ARO by $267.00. Responsive to my needs and excellent products.

Ron Haugen

Ron Haugen

My shop is light years ahead of all the other shops in the area

It takes a little work to get used to it. After 5 to 6 months of use, I am just getting into the tech efficiency part of it. Bottom line, this program is awesome! My shop is light years ahead of all the other shops in the area. We are small, but profitable, and my customers love the digital inspections. Highly recommended.

jim shukys

Jim Shukys

Their customer service is second to none

AutoVitals has been absolutely wonderful in meeting our needs. Their customer service is second to none. We worked with AutoVitals for a few years and then made the mistake in 12/14 of changing to another company. In 8 months, our web presence was almost none and our customer count went down. We just switched back and I couldn't be happier.

Interesting side note: When we went from AutoVitals to the new provider, AutoVitals worked with us and made sure the transition was easy and seamless. When we switched from the new provider back to AutoVitals, that other provider knocked our website offline within hours. AutoVItals quickly put up a temporary web page until they can get us back on top with the Top Fuel program. Way to go AutoVitals!!

Tammie Romich

Tammie Romich

I highly recommend them

At the beginning of 2017 we upgraded to Top Fuel website and added Smart Flow. The results were incredible. We saw an increase in ARO and customer count from web search customers. Just to put things in prospective 2017 has been better then 2015 and 2016 combined as far as increased business from web search. If you are looking to increase customer count the Auto Vitals system combined with their knowledgeable staff is your answer. I highly recommend them.

Dejan Jurisic

Requests from the website have at least doubled

As a shop owner for the last 32 years I can testify that Autovitals has significantly increased our web traffic with the latest generation website. Since the launch of the new site our phone traffic and email requests from the website have at least doubled. They are doing a great job.

Frank Spicer

Frank Spicer

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