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Feel like you and your shop team just can't catch a break?

Unproductive Minutes Per Month

Technicians clock 580 unproductive minutes per month running back and forth to ask questions.

With AutoVitals auto repair shop workflow management software and vehicle chat, technicians can simply chat the Service Advisor straight from their tablet when there is a question.

Dollars of Revenue Lost Per Month

Time is money and unproductive minutes lead to lost revenue for your shop.

With AutoVitals’ workflow management technicians stay in the bays, and the Service Advisor can stay at the counter. Our software helps reduce this back and forth to save time and put money back into your pocket.

Interrupts Per Day

Service Advisors are interrupted by shop operation all day.

These interrupts add up and reduce the time your Service Advisor has to sell work to the customer and provide them with exceptional customer service. Reducing these interrupts leads to more jobs sold!

Our Auto Repair Shop Workflow Management Software is the Solution

Digital Vehicle Inspections

In a digital world, paper inspections don't cut it. The most advanced Digital Vehicle Inspection tools are included with AutoVitals' WorkFlow Management.

Included in our DVI program is AutoVitals' chat and conversation center, making it easy to communicate throughout your auto repair shop without wasting time running back and forth.

DVI.X Software.
Tech Dispatching Management dashboard.

Tech Dispatching & Labor Inventory Management

Service advisors manage technicians straight from the counter. Service Advisors can see how many available hours a technician has, check on vehicle progress, and send chats to their technicians.

Our task manager makes it easy to stay on top of all tasks and ensures no balls get dropped.

Appointment & Campaign Manager

Attract new customers like never before. Keep your bays full and technicians busy with our appointment and campaign manager designed to bring more business into your shop.

Remind customers that they have work that needs attention soon, that your shop is still open in uncertain times or send a coupon to win back business.

Create a campaign dashboard.

Quick Wins with AutoVitals' Workflow

More Efficient Shop Operation

A more efficient shop is a happier shop. AutoVitals’ workflow improves team cohesion and productivity.

Time Saved = Money Saved

By optimizing your shop’s operations, workflow saves you money just by using it so you can focus on running your business, not running around.

Set & Measure Goals

With the Business Control Panel, you can set shop goals based on KPIs and measure your shop’s performance.

See How SmartFlow.X Drives Jimmy’s Automotive Center


Questions, phone calls, walking back and forth from the counter to bays. These interruptions that auto repair shop staff encounter all lead to unproductive minutes and lost dollars. With SmartFlow.X, you can gain those dollars back.


Jimmy’s Automotive Center (Ashville, NC) wanted to increase shop revenue by managing workflow digitally, improving digital communication between techs and the service team, and by diligently tracking their KPI’s in one spot to properly audit processes and procedures.


SmartFlow.X features digital workflow management, tablet-communication, and a task manager to help prioritize work and save time. With these great features, Jimmy’s Automotive Center is able to use the Business Control Panel to track key metrics and better refine their processes.


ARO, hours billed, and SA efficiency all increased by over 25% in less than a year after starting with SmartFlow.X. By freeing more time for his Service Advisor, Jimmy also saw upticks of over 50% in other areas like the number of canned jobs sold and returning customers.

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