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Why Your Auto Repair Shop Needs a CRM Software

More Expensive to Obtain a New Customer

An effective customer retention management strategy is key for your auto repair shop to reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

Increase in ARO after Implementing CRM

When customers return back to your business for deferred maintenance or future mileage-based recommendations, they are more likely to spend more money at your shop.

Increase in Weekly Revenue

Customer retention software brings your best customers back into your shop. Shops using CRM software have a 38% higher weekly revenue than shops without CRM enabled.

What's Included in Our CRM for Auto Repair Shops

Automated Service Reminders

In a digital world, oil change stickers are not enough. Stay top of mind with our automated text & email service reminders.

Our service reminders make scheduling an appointment easy. Plus, they include the findings from past inspections to remind your customers of deferred work and mileage-based recommendations for their next visit.

Create a campaign dashboard.

Email & Text Campaign Manager

Easily generate email and text marketing campaigns to keep your bays full and bring more business to your shop with our campaign manager.

Our campaign manager allows you to segment your customer list for more effective marketing, create coupons and specials, and email and text your customers with just a few clicks.

Review & Reputation Management

95% of customers read a business or product’s reviews before making a purchasing decision. That means soliciting positive reviews and responding to negative reviews need to be an essential part of our shop’s business strategy.

Let AutoVitals take the guesswork and hassle out of managing your online reviews. AutoVitals automatically collects reviews from customers who had a great experience at your shop and directs customers with concerns to contact you directly.

Quick Wins with AutoVitals' CRM

Happier Customers

Delight customers with personalized and timely appointment and service reminders and establish your shop as their go-to for all their repair needs.

Increased Revenue

Repeat customers are more likely to trust and approve your shop’s recommendations. Shops that effectively implement our customer retention management software see a 20%+ increase in ARO.

More Efficient Shop Operations

Manually marketing to past customers is incredibly time-consuming. AutoVitals’ CRM automates service and appointment reminders, making it easy to keep in touch with your customers.

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