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How does AutoVitals benefit my shop?

AutoVitals is the only complete Shop Success Solution to drive profitable growth for your shop.

What is a Shop Success Solution?

AutoVitals combines the most critical tools for your shop’s success in one complete solution, integrated with your POS to grow ARO, maximize bay & tech utilization, retain loyal customers, increase car count, and drive profitable growth.

How do you guarantee an increase in ARO?

Our Shop Success Solution does just what the name says: it powers your shop’s success. But software alone isn’t enough. If you use the software to its full potential, follow best practices, and provide your customers with the highest quality digital inspections possible, we are confident that you will see at least a 20% boost to ARO. We guarantee it, in writing!

Which tablets & hardware are required to run AutoVitals?

A complete list of compatible tablets can be found on our Hardware Page.

Does AutoVitals integrate with my POS / SMS?

AutoVitals integrates with the most popular and powerful POS & SMS systems in the market including:

  • Shop-Ware
  • Tekmetric
  • Mitchell
  • NAPA Tracs
  • Protractor
  • WinWorks
  • MaxxTraxx
  • …and many others

How much does AutoVitals cost?

We know your shop is unique and one size rarely fits all. One of our shop success experts will tailor a solution that fits your business to set you up for success.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer free trials. We believe the key drivers in a successful transition to a new inspection process come from training, support, and a proven implementation plan. Attempting to use our platform without any of these, many shops would likely not know where to start, get frustrated, and put the tablets down – without getting the value and impact to your business.

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