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Why Digital Inspections For Your Auto Repair Shop?

Motorists are on their smartphones more than ever. AutoVitals' provides the tools and features to grab customers attention and encourage them to research tech findings so that they approve more work.

A lot of auto repair shop management software providers provide digital vehicle inspections, but AutoVitals' is the only solution provider with robust workflow management, CRM, and website add ons that you can upgrade to when you are ready to take the next digital step.

AutoVitals makes it really easy for my advisors and techs to create and send our customers digital inspections with tons of edited pictures. That’s a big part of why our ARO went up 28%. - Sergio Garza

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DVI.X Software.

Intuitive Picture Editing

Customers won’t approve what they don’t understand

 Technicians take pictures of conditions straight from their tablet

✓ Technicians & Service Advisors add arrows and circles, crop the image, and add text 

✓ Motorists quickly understand what needs work and are 76% more likely to approve 

Chat & Conversation Center

No running back & forth – chat with technicians from their tablet

✓ Saves your service advisors and technicians time

✓ More efficient shop operation 

✓ Saved time is money in the bank

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Point of Sale Integrations

To ease your transition to AutoVitals 

NAPA Tracs

AllData Manage

See How DVI.X Transformed RMF Auto Service


Motorists are on their smartphones constantly. They are scrolling, swiping, and tapping so quickly, you have less than 8 seconds, on average, to grab their attention. Instead of fighting digital forces, shops like RMF Auto Service (Hudson & New Richmond, WI) are using Auto Repair Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) technology to sell more work than ever before.


Simply put, Ryan Flattum (owner of RMF Auto Service) was looking for a tool that would help grow his business by earning more dollars for every inspection his shops performed, and allow his shop to communicate with customers in a way they hadn’t been able to before. 


With Ryan pining for his shops to grow into the Digital Age, it was clear that DVI.X was a great fit given their needs. He has the ability to take and edit pictures and videos, send them to his customers via text or email, and grab their attention with videos, which is proven to increase the amount of work approved.


In less than two years, the shop has tripled both its customer retention and the number of new customers, all while maintaining a robust ARO.

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