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Wonder why your paper inspections aren't as effective as you expect them to be?


On average, people spend over three hours a day looking at their smartphones. This means motorists now make buying decisions from their smartphones.


We send on average 94 texts a day. Today's motorist often doesn't want to talk to your Service Advisor on the phone; they'll respond much better to a detailed and informative text message than a phone call.


Are NOT sold to the motorist because of pencil whipping and cutting short the inspection process.

Our Digital Vehicle Inspection Software Is The Solution

Detailed Text Inspection Results Straight to Your Customer's Phone


Edited Pictures Capture Motorist's Attention & Create Buying Confidence


Educational Videos Encourage Higher Work Approval Rates

DVI.X in Your Shop

Paperless Inspections

Tablet based inspections. No more pencil whipping or missed inspection items.


Internal Chat Center

Integrated communication tools for your technicians and service advisors.

Fast Photo Editor

Intuitive photo editor so your techs send quality inspections with informative pictures every time. 

Why AutoVitals for Digital Vehicle Inspections?

Your Long Term Solution

Digital Vehicle Inspections are a great place to start your digital journey. When you are ready to upgrade to a more advanced solution, we have you covered. 

Unmatched Support

We know DVI can be a major process change in your shop. With AutoVitals, you will have a dedicated product advisor to help you reach your shop goals every step of the way.

76% More Work Approved

Following AutoVitals best practices and training, you can expect to see motorist’s approve 76% more work compared to traditional paper inspections. 

See How DVI.X Transformed RMF Auto Service


Motorists are on their smartphones constantly. They are scrolling, swiping and tapping so quickly, you have less than 8 seconds, on average, to grab their attention. Instead of fighting digital forces, shops like RMF Auto Service (Hudson & New Richmond, WI) are using Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) technology to sell more work than ever before.


Simply put, Ryan Flattum (owner RMF Auto Service) was looking for a tool that would help grow his business by earning more dollars for every inspection his shops performed, and allow his shop to communicate with customers in a way they hadn’t been able to before.


With Ryan pining for his shops to grow into the Digital Age, it was clear that DVI.X was a great fit given their needs.  With the ability to take and edit pictures and videos, send it to his customers via text or email and grab their attention with videos, which is proven to increase the amount of work approved.


In less than two years, the shop has tripled both their customer retention and number of new customers, all while maintaining a robust ARO.

What more inside best practices and tips & tricks?

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