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SmartFlow X

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The most sophisticated workflow automation in the automotive industry now combined with elegant service reminders and the most easy to use campaign manager yielding incredible results. Replace your existing CRM for only $90.00

Leverage Inspection Results for CRM

Retention rates go up by 20% and more when Motorists educate themselves about needed work and can see what your techs inspected. Sound familiar? If you think of a service reminder as a nudge for work that was recommended for the future at the last visit, then inspection results are highly relevant. Even more, if motorists revisit images and videos of problems, which became declined/deferred work, you can imagine how powerful the service reminder has become.


All Notes, Images and Videos from the Tech’s inspection have already helped you to increase your approval rate and these same assets are used to remind your customers about needed work and increase retention rates.

Appointment Reminders

Before Motorists visit your shop, they research the recommended work and can let your Service Advisor know what work they want to get done or educated about before drop off.

Service Reminders

Instead of getting a generic list of recommendations, now the crucial items and necessary work is pointed out and images, videos and your notes influence your customer to schedule the next appointment.

Workflow you know and love

  • Enhance your workflow with today’s appointments and exit scheduling.
  • Now your Service Advisor knows what work Motorists consider approving beyond the initial reason for the appointment.
  • Book follow up appointments right from the TVP.
  • Set custom service schedules
  • Automatically add declined work to your CRM!

Status Updates

Get your customers into the mode of expecting vehicle specific information during the visit and then follow up with relevant info in the reminders

  • Use the pick up status update to prepare the next visit
  • Have SmartFlow X send out appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Email or Text, It makes no difference, your customers stay updated

Campaign Manager for Native Texting and Email

Create custom campaigns with ease.

  • Powerful filter builds targeted lists in seconds!
  • Create Email, text, postcard and call lists with a few clicks
  • See what the customer will see as you build your ad!
  • No more embarrassing mis-formatted emails.

Service Reminders and Campaigns

No matter what current retention provider you use, they all provide a feature set rooted in the belief that sending emails and texts needs to be accompanied by coupon to be successful. Some even get desperate and violate FCC regulations when sending text campaigns without the motorists permission (Big No No!).

Check out how SmartFlow X stacks up to your current provider below.

One Shop, One Interface.

Consistent branding across all customer communication. it just makes sense.

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