SmartFlow Tips & Tricks

Here are some of our best tips and tricks to use by the SmartFlow team and AutoVitals community!




Best Computer to Use
We recommend using a Windows computer with at least Windows 7 installed. We also recommend having:

  • 75-100 GB of hard disk free space
  • Min ­dual core 64bit, 2 GHz processor
  • RAM of 4GB
  • Memory of 4 GB
  • 7200 RPM Hard drive

Feel free to call us at AutoVitals if you have any questions regarding the best computer to use, 866-949-2848.


Getting Flash on Your iPad
Some shops hold a flashlight up to their iPad and take pictures like that, however, there are more ways to take pictures with flash.

You could get a headlamp..


You could get a flashlight that attaches to your iPad…

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.05.24 PM


Another idea is to have stick on tap lights on your iPad


There are many ways to get flash on your iPad, you just have to find the solution that’s right for your shop! These are examples/potential lights that will work for your shop.




Monitor and TV Set up
We’ve encountered shops with many different types of computer/tv setups, and some methods have really stood out. Having two computer monitors with a swivel setup is really popular, so you can turn the computer to the customer and show them their inspection results.


Another great idea is having a TV monitor in the shop showing the AutoVitals screen. When it’s time to show your inspection to the customer, you can just point out what you need on the big screen.


Internet Speed
AutoVitals requires having an upload speed of 1.5 mbps, but we recommend at least 3 mbps. Don’t know your upload speed? Click here.

Some shops have considered getting an iPad with cellular service like 4G or LTE, and it can be very expensive. Instead, see what upgrade options your internet provider has!


Incentivizing Techicians
It can be difficult to implement SmartFlow in your shop, especially if your technicians haven’t gotten the hang of doing inspections on the tablet. Here are some great ways that shops have incentivized their technicians to do inspections:

  1. Paying your technicians a certain amount per inspection.
  2. Having a weekly/monthly contest for which technician completes the most inspections with a certain amount of photos using the Inspection Metrics Report.
  3. Paying technicians according to how long on average it takes them using the Technician Efficiency Report.
  4. If technicians had the mentality that doing good inspections, will get them more work, then that should be incentive enough!
Implementing a Picture Policy
Pictures sell more work, so implementing a picture policy in your shop would be a great idea! It’s important to take the right amount of pictures. Taking too little could miss out on helping a customer understand what’s going on with their vehicle.

We recommend taking 5-10 pictures per inspection. Click here for more information on our picture policy, and how to implement it.


More Training Options
We have awesome training videos to help you get started with SmartFlow here.

We also host weekly webinars where we talk about various topics every week, ask your advisor about all of our upcoming webinars.

We also have monthly workshops at our headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, that are free of charge, just pay for your airfare and hotel! Find out more about our monthly workshops here.

We also have Digital Supervisor Training, which is an awesome workshop taught by shop owners in Las Vegas and North Carolina, you can find out more here.

We also have Digital Operations Training, which is where a trainer works with you to set goals for the shop and goes to your shop to help implement SmartFlow, you can find out more here.



Being in the AutoVitals Community
We have a very active community in AutoVitals. One of the biggest ways our community connects is through the AutoVitals Partner Forum on Facebook, where shop owners have a space to ask questions and get great ideas for their shop. You can also join us at one of our monthly workshops in Santa Barbara, or out Digital Supervisor Training, where you’ll meet lots of other shop owners implementing AutoVitals into their shop.

Click here to request to join the AutoVitals Partner Forum.

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