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Episode Description

Producing consistent Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) is pivotal to generating the maximum benefit of going digital. In the past, reaching that level of consistency took a lot of time and effort. Join us to learn how the new features in AutoVitals’ Guided mode enable this shop to deliver high-quality, consistent inspections at a rate faster than ever before.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • How shop owner Neil Daly (Oceanside Motorsports, Oceanside, CA), a seasoned DVI veteran, used AutoVitals’ Guided mode to increase his ARO by over $100
  • The simplicity of the new tools, features, and techniques that make DVI easier, and more profitable, than ever before
  • Why consistent DVIs can have long-term benefits in your shop
  • Data showing just how impactful and simple Guided mode can be to use
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