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Why You'll Love the New Release

The Task Manager

Does your service advisor struggle to manage a massive workload and often forgets to complete basic tasks?

This industry-first capability with the promise of zero dropped balls will excite every service advisor. Tasks like reviewing and sending the inspection results will be detected automatically by the Task Manager once the tech has finished the inspection. Then, the Service Advisor is reminded and guided to edit images, review, and send the results to the motorist. It doesn't get simpler.

Tech Dispatching Management dashboard.

Guided Training

Struggling to fully implement digital vehicle inspections and workflow management in your shop?

The Today’s Vehicle Page and inspections now feature step-by-step training prompts to make following AutoVitals’ best practices easy. Now your technicians and service advisors won’t forget to edit a picture or send an inspection, so your shop is not leaving money on the table.

Digital Inspection dashboard.

Improvements to Existing Features

New Image Editor

Afraid that asking your technicians and service advisors to take and edit inspection photos will slow down shop efficiency?

We have streamlined our photo editor so now you can write text directly on the image and have presaved rotated arrows, saving your technicians and service advisors time and reducing frustrations.

DVI.X Software.

Updated Conversation Center

Tired of switching back and forth between AutoVitals and a third party chat app?

Now you can chat with your technicians about a specific vehicle, send team group messages, or direct chat straight from the TVP or technician tablet. No need to download a separate chat app and have to waste time switching back and forth.

Conversation Center Dashboard.

Want to Learn More?

If you are already using AutoVitals and are looking to access the latest release features and benefits, please contact your product advisor directly. We will be rolling out the new release to shops based on an existing waitlist. Your product advisor will put your shop on the list and will let you know when you should expect to be added.

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