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Go Digital With SmartFlow

Running a successful auto repair shop is challenging. We understand the event driven & complex nature, and have replaced the paper-based process with a new and improved digital shop. Watch the video to the right and scroll down to review each section of the page, then take the survey to find out exactly how much opportunity you are losing with your paper based process.


Are you ready to go digital?

Lost Productivity

The Shop Before

Do you know how much an idle tech minute costs you? We do, and it’s not pretty. Every minute your techs are not doing assigned work you are losing over $4 Dollars!

Lost Productivity v3

The Digital Shop

Keeping your techs focused and working on vehicles and your service advisors focused on providing quality customer service can save you thousands.

Bill_Sam_chat v7


It’s instantaneous so everyone has the information right away, the communication is much more thorough and dynamic


Dan Garlock - Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

Wasting Time on Simple Tasks 

The Shop Before

Time is wasted doing simple things like running to the service advisor or looking up information. Even on simple jobs like an oil change.

Oil Change Before v2

The Digital Shop

No more wasted time. Communication is quick and easy so techs can focus on their work and get things done efficiently.

Oil Change After v4 (1)

logo (1)

SmartFlow is the most cutting edge tool to further build our business and gain the trust of customers

Sara Savio - Advanced Auto Center

Keeping Track of Shop Performance

The Shop Before

You spend a considerable amount of time finding ways to improve your business. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Joe_KPIs v2 (1)

The Digital Shop

With on click of a button you can generate in depth behavior reports of your techs and service advisors. Ready to change your shop?

Reporting After v5


My techs love it, the only way I could get the tablets back now would be to pry the tablets out of their cold dead hands

Scott Meyers - Meyers Auto Tech

The Technology Gap

The Shop Before

Motorists ask “Why should I do this now and what happens if I put it off?” They rarely understand the service advisor’s hand waVINg and pointing to the inspection results. As a result authorization rates are low.

SmartPhone vs paper v3

The Digital Shop

Motorists communicate with your shop just like they do with everyone else, via cell phone or email. Educational information is delivered to the palm of their hand so they don’t have to go search Google for it.

Bill _Debbie_Email_InspRpt v3 (2)


SmartFlow is our operating system to get vehicles in and out of the shop. I can’t imagine going back to paper.

Greg Joseph - Christian Brother's Automotive

Using Education to Increase Authorization

The Shop Before

Getting motorists to authorize more jobs is tough. Trying to describe vehicle work on the phone doesn’t seem to get the point across anymore. Motorists need more information.

Leave money on table v5

The Digital Shop

Seeing might not always be belieVINg, but it sure does help quite a bit. High def images of problem areas are included on inspections so authorizing is a no brainer for the motorist!

Authorize more jobs_Bill and Sam_v1 (1)


Our ARO went from the industry average in the late ’80’s to almost double that average and more almost instantly

Mitch Schneider - Schneider's Auto

Get Jobs Authorized Faster

The Shop Before

Motorist are completely disconnected from what is going on in the shop. All they can do is wait for a phone call, while technicians are left waiting for authorization.

Authorization Time before v3

The Digital Shop

Motorists stay informed and receive informative and timely updates right to their mobile device.  Authorizing work has never been easier for both you and your customers.

Authorization Time After v3


There is always one tool in the shops tool box that produces the best return on investment. Today that is AutoVitals’s SmartFlow.

Bill Connor - Craig's Car Care

Keeping Motorists Educated

The Shop Before

Explaining a complex issue to a motorist over the phone? Challenging. Motorists expect more information and want to understand the repairs to their vehicle.

Leave money on table v5

The Digital Shop

Motorists have information about their specific vehicle that is illustrated with pictures and videos so they can easily understand why they should authorize work.

Bill _Debbie_Email_InspRpt v3 (2)


I have had a lot of different software sales people tell me they can increase my ARO. Autovitals did it and I have the hard figures to prove it.

Russ Hilliard - Tires Too

Tracking Inspection Results Over Time

The Shop Before

Every motorists has a different driVINg style. They want to know how their care is doing and ask for information on the wear and tear it has been experiencing. But you don’t have answers.

Inspection Result Trends Before v3

The Digital Shop

You can provide a clear picture of the deterioration of their vehicle over time. In the digital age visual education is as easy as sending an email or text message.

Inspection Result Trends After v4


AutoVitals is never satisfied, so they are constantly improVINg and refining their products and services. Already miles ahead of their competitors!

Ron Haugen - Westside Auto Pros

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