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JUNE 29, 2019










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Tom Dorsey & Sara Savio teach you how to manage a Digital Shop, measure results, and engage motorists for unprecedented increase in weekly revenue and ARO.

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Learn techniques and strategies in breakouts, which cover real-life scenarios that will help you go Digital.


June 29 8:30AM – 3:00PM


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sacramento
2224 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821


$99 for 1 person
$198 for 2-3 people


Digital Shop Best Practices Training is an immersive training for shop owners, managers, and service advisors looking to drive significant revenue growth for their shops.

You’ll walk away with actionable, step-by-step playbook in hand that will bring game-changing results by following our simple framework.

If you’re looking to achieve breakthrough results with the Digital Shop platform, Digital Shop Best Practices Training is your workshop.

This is where you’ll learn the proven system the most successful shops are using right now to increase job approval and weekly revenue per service advisor.

By the end, you’ll have learned exactly how to:

Optimize your Digital Inspections to render the greatest amount of conversions, sales, and returning customers

Create the best shop workflow experience for your service advisors and technicians

Build a service advisor team that increases sales and produces results

Utilize the Business Control Panel to measure your shops behavioral KPIs and results


Join your peers and complete activities in and out of the Digital Shop platform to evaluate your current shop workflow and plan future campaigns.



A workbook acompanies your class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.



Join Digital Shop owners who have succeeded as they assist you and teach you how they did it and how to properly implement.

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Introduction and Welcome

Get ready and get settled for a day of training! Breakfast is provided.



A Very Different Way of Looking at Motorists, Your Shop, and the Buyers Journey

There’s a very clear difference between shops that have successfully gone digital and those that have not. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with how many cars you work on a day, how much you spend on marketing, or how long you’ve been running your shop.

If you want to achieve breakthrough results, then there’s only one thing that matters — a new, transparent and motorist-centric approach to your shops operations. If you embrace this mindset, you will see recommended jobs approved quicker, improved closing rates, significant increase in weekly revenue, and a significantly better shop culture. However, most shops aren’t willing to do what it takes, and that’s why most shops sadly fail in the digital age.

As we open Digital Shop Best Practices Training, Tom Dorsey & Sara Savio will show you the clear path and dive deeply into the techniques proven to work, with playbooks, examples, pro-tips, and activities proven to work over and over again.



A Deep Dive into the Inspections that Drive Revenue

Now that you have a high-level understanding of what it takes to find breakthrough success with a digital shop, we’re going to dive deep into the inspections that drive revenue. 

In this section, you will learn about digital inspection best practices that move the needle with your customers than anything else. Tom & Sara will show you the exact process for inspections that has proven time and time again to render the greatest amount of conversions, sales, and returning customers. 

But we don’t stop there — During this section, Tom & Sara will teach you how to get the most mileage from your inspections and how to best optimize them for future visits. They’ll also introduce you to the tools and technology used by the most successful shops on the Digital Shop platform.



Lunch Break



The Most Essential Elements of the Perfect Shop Workflow

At this point of the Digital Shop Best Practices Training, you’ve learned how to create the best inspections that build trust with customers and impact the bottom line. You’ve also learned how to utilize these inspections into your sales process to help you get more work approved. But how does this all connect to your shops workflow? And how do we create the best experience for your service advisors and technicians? 

Tom & Sara will walk you through all of the core elements of the highest performing, efficient shops. They’ll also dive deeper into how to best optimize your shops workflow for speed, communication, efficiency, and effectiveness. At the end of the session, you’ll think your shops process and workflow is from the future. 



How to Integrate Digital Inspections into the Sales Process and Drive Revenue Quickly

Up to this point of Digital Shop Best Practices Training, much of what we have discussed has been on the backend side of the shop. But when all is said and done, setting up a proper shop workflow and doing Digital Inspections is just one of the many benefits of going digital.

In fact, the biggest benefit to going digital has much more to do with selling work than anything else. When all is said and done, regardless of the increased efficiency and effectiveness a digital shop produces, if you’re not generating work sold, the end result is a failure.

As businesses, we must generate profit. In this section of Digital Shop Best Practices Training, Tom & Sara will show you how to influence your service advisor team, their culture, their ability to close, and exactly how your shop can better use the Digital Shop to dramatically increase your sales, revenue, and see a significant gain in ARO from your efforts within weeks, not years!



Getting the Most Out of the Business Control Panel, How to Measure Your Shops Results

You probably have a lot of tools to measure results, and if you’re like most Digital Shop Best Practice attendees, you’re probably using Protractor & SmartFlowX as the core digital shop platform. But are you getting the most from your investment? More importantly, are you able to track and measure results of your service advisors and technicians efforts?

If your shop is going to spend the time, resources, and money needed to make going digital work, there absolutely should be a ongoing understanding of your shops key performance indicators (KPIs).

In this section, Tom & Sara, will show you the correct way to measure your shops behavioral KPIs inside the Business Control Panel and teach you how to take advantage of the most powerful, yet underutilized features of the Business Control Panel.

Together we come up with goals, how to improve, and action items that can be implemented in the next 90 days to accelerate your shops growth.



Digital Shop Best Practices Training Ends,

See you at Digital Shop Conference 2020!

Training with our Students

What I can share with you, with what Tyler learned, what he’s implemented, and him and Shane are working on daily. So, we ended up January at $614.20; so a $102 up, and that’s right after the conference. And so far in February, we’re at $614.84. So, they have raised the ARO up a $100 and that’s for… That’s where the shop that’s been using this for, what? Four years now.

Joe Sevart

Shop Owner, I-70 Auto Service

Listen to Joe talk about improvements
after attending the training:

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