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The Digital Shop

You can track a pizza with your smartphone why not everything else?

Why Choose a Digital Shop For Auto Repair?

Check out the benefits listed below for why a Digital Shop saves you time, anxiety, and money.

Digital Shops are completely transparent, meaning they won’t only show you jobs they think you will buy. Digital Shops give a complete vehicle overview and health score, educate you on the services and let you decide what you want to repair now and what can be put off and for how long.

Easily communicate with your shop using your smart phone for status updates and inspection results.

What to Expect During Your Visit

The Digital Shop Experience
Auto Repair and Maintenance Goes Digital
As a Digital Shop We Have Built Out Our Process Based Around You, Our Customer. Check Out the Steps Below to See How We Stand Out From Other Paper Based Shops:
Search and Educate
Our Service Video Library Allows You to Educate Yourself on Common Repairs and Services
Drop Off
Using Your VIN number we review critical vehicle information at the counter, previous work flagged as overdue and recalls.
Digital Inspections allow the shop tech to take photos and videos of your vehicle. These photos and videos are shared with you via email or text in a simple inspection sheet.
Inspection images, inspection videos, and educational videos make you feel confident in your decisions to guarantee your vehicle’s safety and drivability.
Pick Up
Your service team shows you what your car looked like before the repairs and after the new services were performed. All this happens at the front counter.
Thank You
You will get an updated vehicle health score and also have the opportunity to provide a review and feedback for your visit.
Follow Up
We will make sure things are running smoothly and remind you of any new safety concerns or recalls to your vehicle. When it’s time to come back in, you will get a convenient email and text reminder. The reminder will refresh your memory on why this work is needed by showing you images and videos from your vehicle’s last visit.
Courtesy Inspections
Every time you bring your vehicle into our shop we perform a courtesy comprehensive inspection to look for safety, drivability and preventive maintenance issues. We then recommend work to be done on a scale of immediate to future attention, so you have options of when to schedule work. Every inspection features images/ videos of the parts of your vehicle that are in need of attention. These are not stock images of the same problem but pictures that OUR TECHNICIAN took of YOUR CAR. Our service team attaches educational videos to these recommendations to let you know WHY the recommended work is needed and WHAT happens if you don’t approve it.This all happens before our service team calls you to walk you through your vehicle needs. In addition, we email or text you progress updates of your vehicle in our shop to make sure you can count on the promised time for pick up.
You will receive an email or text with a digital copy of the work completed on your vehicle for your visit. You will get an updated vehicle health score and also have the opportunity to provide a review and feedback for your visit. You no longer have to worry about saving your service records since your new online account will do this for you, plus show you any recall or TSB info you may need.
You will be rewarded points for choosing us to use towards your next repair or service. You can see your point balance and earn more points by inviting your friends from our thank you message.
We Appreciate Your Business
Smart Pages
Education on Common Services and Repairs
There is an overwhelming amount of information on the web. You may want to find a part to get a service you know you need or is in need of a repair. Chances are you are not an expert at diagnosing car problems, you don’t need to be. All you need to know is your make and model and we will serve up results for Digital Shops in your area and tell you how many repairs each shop has done on cars like yours. Easily digest information in the form of videos and other motorist reviews. Ready to take your car in? Schedule an appointment right on the website, no phone call necessary, but hey if you want to talk our phone number is on there too!