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Start Your Engines, The Race to Digital Has Begun

Congratulations, the hardest part is done. You have committed to going digital! Now it is time to get set up with AutoVitals so you can start running a digital shop. There will be a few pitstops on your race to digital. Make sure you complete all necessary tasks at each pitstop to prevent unnecessary delays so your pit crew, the AutoVitals onboarding team, can get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Get Started

Quick Start Guide
Apple iPad

Quick Start Guide
Android tablet

Training Video
Using your new tablet

autovitals tablet training video

Meet Your Pit Crew

Sydney Dorsey
Onboarding Specialist
[email protected]
(805) 308-6984

A lot of times learning anything new can be a challenge, especially when it comes to technology. Its an awesome experience to work with someone in a shop who was at first hesitate then becomes excited and even impressed!

Kristy Pond
Onboarding Specialist
[email protected]
(805) 618-1553

What excites me about helping shops go digital is helping them learn, work together to obtain a goal of no paper, more money, and a uniform process.

Denise Farrar
Channel Specialist
[email protected]
(805) 618-2714

I love helping automotive shops get started with a program that I only dreamed of at my previous shops. Seeing the shop’s growth, breaking barriers, making more money, that’s the whipped topping on the AV sundae.

Chris Maggard
Senior Digital Trainer
[email protected]
(805) 328-2144

I’m very passionate about my clients and their biggest cheerleader. Not only does the digital process help increase the shops ARO, it also remedies broken processes which allows the shops to achieve things they never thought possible.

Honey Tuazon
Onboarding Specialist
[email protected]
(805) 259-3199

I learn so much daily from shops and my colleagues and that’s always exciting and honestly, priceless. However, there’s nothing like hearing success stories from my shops. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction.

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