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TVP.X is Here! It is Time to Upgrade!

The latest version of the AutoVitals' Today's Vehicle Page, referred to as TVP.X, is now live and waiting for you! Review the information below to prepare for your upgrade. Your AutoVitals Advisor will be in touch regarding scheduling your upgrade.

Benefits of TVP.X

Task Manager

All alerts are now organized for service advisors in the Task Manager to ensure that no responsibility falls through the cracks.

Improved User Experience

Embedded training and guided mode make using The TVP easier than ever

Enhanced Communication Tools

Individual and group chats now available in addition to vehicle chats to facilitate communication with your shop team without interruption.

TVP Dashboard with next tasks.

Prepare for the Upgrade

1. Watch the TVP.X Upgrade Training Video

Please watch our training video to ensure you and your shop team is prepared to be upgraded to TVP.X. We encourage you to perform typical actions on the test vehicle in the demo shop including: reviewing an inspection, editing images/notes using the Images/Notes Editor, and sending the inspection to yourself so you can see what the customer sees.

New Features:

Improved Features:

2. Review The TVP.X Upgrade Document

The Flipbook PDF explains the key changes to the workflow process. Get familiar with the new automations below. You can download or print the PDF for future reference.

3. Download the autovitals.x app onto your tablets

4. Bookmark on all your computers.

Your Service Advisors will now use to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the welcome code and personal code and where can I find them?

All staff members listed in the PoS now have their own personal code to login into either the TVP or technician app. In order to login into the TVP and AutoVitals.X app you will need your welcome code and personal code. These are sent to the implementer’s email address in the confirmation email post-switch.

The codes can also be accessed in My Shop → Inspection → TVPx/tablet login codes

How do I select an image for my converted special markers?

  1. Select the + icon on any vehicle tile.
  2. Select Edit marker
  3. Select the marker you’d like to add an image to
  4. Click the No Icon image and select an image to replace it with
    REPEAT STEPS 3 and 4 for all the markers you need to add images to
  5. Click Save 

Watch the Training Video 

What devices are supported for AutoVitals.X?

The recommended devices are currently the iPad 8th Gen (10.2) & the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 10.1)


  • For new tablets we recommend iPad 8th Gen.  Any tablet sold directly by Apple and running iPad OS 13  and higher is supported.
  • Any iPhone running iOS 13 and higher


  • For new tablets, we recommend Tab A (SM-510). Any tablet sold directly by Samsung running Android 9 and higher is supported.
  • Any phone, by an established brand, running Android OS 9 and higher

How do I save column presets?

Retired Features

After careful consideration, some functionalities have been retired and updated. Please download the PDF below for a full list of retired features and their updates.

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