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Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) Glossary

There are many different icons on the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP). Each icon contains an impactful feature to help manage your shop’s workflow. This TVP Glossary is the list of icons with definitions. However, you do not need to have the list up all the time. As you might have noticed already, there are hover texts for all the icons on your TVP. A hover text will show up momentarily when you hover your mouse over an icon, and it will explain the function of the icon.

For a printable version of this glossary, click HERE.

TVP glossary graphic.
Vehicle tile glossary.

Vehicle Tile Glossary

The icons a vehicle tile change accordingly with different actions taken on the vehicle. There for it is important to read the hover text and this glossary to understand what each icon indicates.

Vehicle complete icon.
Today's Vehicle Page glossary.

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