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Not Sure How To Use the Business Control Panel? 


Q: How do I get the companion shop activated in order to be able to compare my KPIs with a shop similar to mine? 

A: Look for aAUTO REPAIR SERVICES button and submit a request to add that shop. Make sure the owner of that shop gave permission to share their data.

Q: How do I select more than one influential KPI? 

A: When you click on any of the influential KPIs on the Insights page, a checkbox appears, which allows you to select this influential KPI to stick. At the current time up to two influential KPIs can be selected.

Q: How do I interpret the numbers on the influential KPI Field

A: When you click on any of the influential KPIs on the Insights page, several types of numbers and icons appear

  1. The ability to select all or any service advisors and/or technician
  2. Activate the influential KPI
  3. The average KPI value for the selected time window
  4. The average KPI value for the first 5 (top) and last 5 (bottom) data points in the selected time window
  5. the goal value and the lower (top) and higher (bottom) threshold for compliance monitoring
  6. the ability to request help and report a problem
influential KPI

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