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Technical Support

Monday morning arrives and you log onto the Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) to see the Monday workload. You notice you are missing a vehicle on your TVP, and your tech comes up asking about this vehicle. Customers are starting to walk in, but you need this vehicle on the TVP and you are now seeing a 20-minute delay.

You need AutoVitals TechOps to fix this and to fix it now.

First, remain calm. AutoVitals Support is here to help you, but in order to diagnose and resolve your problem, our TechOps team must have detailed information about the issue. The more specific you are, the faster TechOps can get you back to your shop.


A great support ticket answers several questions. Here are the 4 questions you should answer when you submit a ticket:

1. What issue are you having?

Explain the issue in detail. Are you getting an error or error message of some kind? Is something strange occurring that you have not seen before? Please provide a screenshot of the issue you are seeing with our screenshot tool. More details here: 

2. Can you provide an example RO# of the issue?

An example RO of the issue you are experiencing will allow us to hone in on what is happening and whether this is expected or unexpected behavior.

3. What are you expecting to happen?

Sometimes performing an action produces a result you weren’t expecting. Sometimes this is an issue, sometimes it’s simply something new. Describing what you were expecting to happen will inform us as to whether this is an issue or simply expected behavior.

4. Did you attempt to fix the issue?

If you have, please list all actions you have taken to rectify your problem.

After writing out your ticket, please confirm that you have answered the above questions. Add any additional information that you think may assist TechOps then send.

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