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One California Shop Goes Digital

When JR Luna emptied the paper rack and turned off the printer at his shop at Concours Motors in Ventura, California, he knew that taking his shop paperless wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth it. Soon after, his job approval percentage confirmed that he had made the right choice, and they haven’t looked back since.

Concours Motors Team

A New Way to Supercharge Sales

Getting motorists to authorize more jobs is never an easy task, but a little information can go a long way. Educating motorists on their vehicle’s needs is important and makes the decision to authorize jobs easy.

When you’re working on a vehicle that you’ve seen before as a tech it’s easy to see when a particular area is getting worse over time. Now with the digital inspections, it’s easy for our customers to see that too.

Greg Flores, Technician

Information is the Key to Authorization

Earning a customer’s trust can change everything. Trying to explain a vehicle’s problems to a motorist over the phone can be like speaking another language, but when they are informed about their vehicle, approving jobs becomes a no-brainer.

Customers almost never think a problem is “that bad.” Now when customers approve jobs they actually thank us. They really appreciate that we keep them informed about their vehicle.

Phil Sylvester, Service Advisor

Turning the Shop Into a Well Oiled Machine

Idle time is all too often one of the biggest productivity drains to a shop’s efficiency. With SmartFlow in the shop, the technicians and service advisors at Concours stay focused on their work and connected with each other all at the same time.

“Now we can be in two conversations at once, like most service advisors are. If we have a question for the tech we can just send them a message while we are on the phone and not lose focus with the customer.”

Gary Gill, Service Advisor

Bridging the Technology Gap to Change Old Behaviors

Just because you’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean that it’s the right way. Shops with SmartFlow like Concours are bridging the technology gap both in and out of the shop, measuring data to change behavior and communicating with customers through modern methods like text and email.

“We always kept reports but I never knew what do with them. Now I can track our technicians and service advisors performance and see trends in their behavior.”

JR Luna, Shop Owner

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