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Episode Description

WHAT: Going digital can be a tough hill to climb if your staff isn’t on the same page as you. In Episode 1 of our 10-part series titled “Going Digital Is Going Places You’ve Never Been,” we are talking about Tech Buy-In. As in what typical challenges your team can expect, how to overcome them, and what metrics you can use to track your progress.


WHY: On this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The reason your techs have a direct impact on the amount of work approved
  • Motivation techniques for your techs
  • How to lead by example – getting them to buy in with you
  • Best Practices to put your techs in a position to earn quick wins

WHO: Shop owners Ben & Nate Ramsey (6 Meineke locations in PA) join Tom Dorsey and Uwe Kleinschmidt from AutoVitals.

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