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Episode Description

“Why won’t they do this??”
“How are they still not marking up the pictures taken??”
“Why are inspections still not being done or sent???”
“Why does this still happen?!”

Sound familiar? Changing the habits of a group of people is very hard, especially when you’re trying to get them to buy in to change an existing habit, start a new one, or improve a process that is broken. Despite all the talking, meetings, and efforts you put in, nothing seems to be changing and old habits keep re-emerging.

Why is that??

To find the answer to this question, this week (Wednesday, June 5th @ 1 pm ET / 10 am PT) we are joined by shop owner Frank M Scandura III (Frank’s European Service) and ATI coach Eric M. Twiggs to teach you the steps you must follow to overcome these objections and how to prevent them from re-emerging over and over again.

In this short but intensive 30-minute episode, you’ll learn:
> How to position what you’re asking for from your staff in concrete terms,
> How to align your change with shop goals and benefits for everyone,
> How to overcome legitimate objections,
> And how to get buy-in every time.

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