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Episode Description

If you talk to customers every day then this might sound familiar:

“I know someone/somewhere who can do that for free/cheap”
“How much would it be if I give you the part myself?”
“I don’t think it’s necessary at this time.”
“I don’t have the money right now”

Can you imagine customers getting their car fixed without any hesitations or questions? There are probably a thousand things swirling in a person’s mind when considering a repair decision. It’s the source of many objections you hear. And no doubt, it’s challenging to deal with their resistance on a daily basis.

However, objections are gifts! Customers are telling you exactly what you need to address in order to keep the repair moving forward. Objections guide your conversations and handling them effectively will often be the deciding factor in winning or losing the repair.

To get your customers committed to the repair, shop owner Doug Brackett (Downtown Automotive) and AutoVitals Trainer Sara Savio join us this week to go over a few steps in navigating tough conversations and also share the strategies they use to overcome the most common objections in automotive repair.

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