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Episode Description

Which scenario sounds more like your shop?

1.) Your shop hosts weekly shop meetings to update staff on metrics, goals, and projects.
2.) Your shop only hosts meetings when a problem needs to be rectified or an issue has arisen.

Frank Scandura, our first guest on this week’s episode of the show, is a master of the weekly shop meeting. He has been using it for years as a way to raise the status quo in his shop and is so good at it, we had him tell our attendees at Digital Shop Conference all about the benefits and implementation of regular shop meetings.

Dave Earp, the second guest on this week’s show, found himself as part of the second group but has changed his tune after hearing Frank speak at Digital Shop Conference 2020 and is in the process of implementing regular shop meetings in his shop.

We look forward to having them both on to discuss why meeting with your shop on a regular basis can make such a huge impact on your shop.

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