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Your SA is a superhero. Keep capitalizing on it.

By nature, the job of a service advisor is incredibly hectic, making it hard to streamline processes in a day that’s constantly filled with interruptions.

On this week’s episode of The Digital Shop Talk Radio, we teamed up with the crew at DRIVE to bring you Mike Button (Owner of Affordable Automotive, DRIVE client) and David Saline (VP of Sales, DRIVE) who will help us explore:
– How integrating your PoS can not only save time but dramatically increase the value of your inspections
– Techniques and tools to better manage tasks throughout the day, so your service team can stay laser-focused on sales
– Ways to prep your staff for changes in the shop, getting them to buy in from the get-go

For more on shop efficiency from another AutoVitals customer, check out this DRIVE blog post about Roy Foster’s Automotive – it’s a great read!

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