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AutoVitals Google Ads Statement of Work


This project involves the configuration and setup of Google Ads for your business. This project will follow the timeline outlined below, however, is highly dependent on the delivery of assets and feedback from you, to avoid project delays.  

Project Scope

This SOW covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • Google Ads account setup, including ad budget
  • AutoVitals (and Client) access to Google Ads account
  • Configuration of Google Ads based upon Client feedback
  • Google Ads launch

Sample Schedule

This is a sample schedule only.  “Days” refer to business days.

Task Responsible Finish Date
Sign Agreement Client Effective Date
Schedule Intro Call AutoVitals 1 – 2 Days
Intro Call & Intake Form AutoVitals; Client 1 – 7 Days
Provision Google Account AutoVitals 2 – 4 Days
Submit Verification Documents* AutoVitals 1 – 3 Days
Create Google Ads & Launch* AutoVitals 4 – 7 Days
Review Google Ads AutoVitals; Client At Launch

*These steps can be done concurrently once we have received all required information on the Intake Form from Client.

Client Intake Form

Client and AutoVitals will complete the Intake Form during the Intro Call. This form includes all the necessary information to provision a Google Ads account and set up Ads. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide all required information as to not incur any project delays.

Basic Info

  • Shop Owner name and email
  • Primary contact for Ads and billing name and email, if different
  • Company name
  • Legal business name
  • Domain URL
  • Shop phone number
  • Ad spend budget

Shop Info (for Ads)

  • Google Ads Geo-Targeting Radius from Business (miles): We suggest an initial radius around the business for Google Ads targeting, considering the population density, competitive landscape, and how far a customer will travel to visit your shop. Alternatively, you can provide a list of zip codes to target.
  • Type of Shop: general repair, specialty shop, vehicle or brand specific, diesel, fleet, etc
  • Top 5-10 most profitable vehicle brands: domestic, import, European, diesel trucks, BMW, Audi, Ford, etc
  • Top 5-10 most profitable services: brakes, air conditioning, routine service, advanced diagnostics, engine drive belts, tires, etc
  • Vehicle brands or services not offered
  • Shop warranty info (if applicable)
  • Certifications (if applicable)
  • Affiliations (if applicable)
  • Amenities: pick up and drop off, loaner cars, shuttle service, towing, digital inspections, online payments, service reminders, etc

Account Access

If Client is already an advertiser with an existing account, please provide:

  • Google Ads Account Number
  • Add AutoVitals to the following:
    • Google My Business
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Analytics

Verification Documents

  • Business Logo File: Layered logo files preferred (.psd or .png)
  • Company Photo(s): 3-4 high quality images of the business frontage or team members
  • Legal Business Owner’s Driver’s License
  • Official Legal Business Document with EIN
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