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Digital Inspections Are Just The Beginning

A Great Place to Start
Digital Inspections
Tablet-Based Inspections allow technicians to provide images and videos of their findings
Digital WorkFlow
  • Completely Paperless Backshop
  • Dispatch Jobs to Technicians
  • With one View check on job completion billed hours
  • No more running back in forth with digital communication
Service Advisor Command Station
  • Paper is out of date as soon as you write it down
  • Real time updates on the backshop
  • Edit technicians notes, photos and videos
  • Automatically feature educational videos about services and parts
  • Send Digital inspections by email or text to motorists
Automatic Status Updates
Motorists are notified electronically as their vehicle moves through workflow steps
Provide a Thank You that is valuable

Send a thank you that allows motorists to review the work done on their vehicle.

Let them know what jobs they still need done in the future

Make it simple to understand with a vehicle health score

Text and Email Reminders
Remind Motorists of their upcoming service and appointments
Educate Online
Motorists are not searching first for “doctor in my area” instead they search for their symptoms to find out what they might have. The same is true when it comes to their vehicle. Motorists want to be educated so make sure your website is pre educating them with the correct and relevant information so you don’t have to spend time re-educating them if they ever get to you.

Digital Inspections & Paperless BackShop

Benefits of SmartFlow and all Digital Shop Products

SmartFlow X • The Digital Shop Lite • The Digital Shop Pro
AutoVitals Paperless Back Shop is an aspect of our Digital Shop platform. Providing an integrated tool set that can boost productivity techs and service writers while increasing profits. PBS delivers digital tablet based inspections, integration with your Shop Management Systems and tablet based work orders.
  • More jobs sold vs. Paper Inspections 76% 76%
  • Average Repair Order Profits Increase (Digital Shop) 35% 35%
Increase ARO by  20% +
SmartFlow X • The Digital Shop Lite • The Digital Shop Pro

In the paper based shop operation 66% of all technician findings are not sold to the motorist. No typo. 66%.
Switching to Digital Inspections increases approval rates by 73%, ARO by more than 20%. These increases lead to upward morale trends meaning techs and service advisors are eager to come to work and get the most out of every day.
Tablet based vehicle inspections enable dramatic cost savings through automation and elimination of paper forms, which reduces time spent by both service advisors and technicians during the inspection process.

Digital Inspections

Tablet based vehicle inspections enable dramatic time saVINgs as well as substantial increases in average RO through automation and elimination of paper forms.

POS Integration

Real time integration enables you to compare service history with OEM recommended services recalls and TSBs so that motorist can be educated about skipped services and recalls.


Technicians receive work directly on the tablet where they are able to record the entire activity including time spent voice to text notes, pictures and videos of affected areas.

Customer Engagement

Complete digital documentation of inspections results, job activity, vehicle history and service recommendations builds customer loyalty and increases long term revenue.

Every Digital Shop Product Has Digital Inspections

But That is Only The Beginning. Learn How to Transform Your Shop into A Digital Shop and Watch Your Business Grow!