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AutoVitals Customer Retention

AutoVitals Customer Retention helps you keep your customers connected through a personalized and educational experience all through their smartphone.

CRM With a Personal Touch

In the auto repair and maintenance industry, traditional customer retention strategies will only take you so far. Keeping customers loyal and making sure their car is in your shop when it’s time for service isn’t just about the amount of emails you send or how flashy they look.  AutoVitals Customer Retention takes the tools of traditional CRM programs to the next level, and helps you deliver personalized communication based on driving habits.


Leverage real-time integration with your shop management system to personalize interaction with customers


Keep customers in the loop with service recommendations, promotional messages, and a place to schedule their next appointment.


 Reward your customers for keeping on schedule with maintenance and recommending your shop to their friends.


Reach customers the old fashioned way with beautiful handcrafted postcards personal to your shop.

Why The Competition Can’t Keep Their Eyes Off Us


Email Repair & Service Reminders


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Shop Management Integrated Service & Repair Reminders – Traditional retention programs treat every driver the same when they send out email service reminders despite haVINg different driVINg habits. AutoVitals integrates our retention program with your point of sale system, allowing you to deliver email service and repair reminders that are  based on your customers driVINg behavior as well as their vehicle type to ensure they hear from your shop when they really need to.


Postcard Reminders


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Personalized Postcards – Other retention providers send out bland and impersonal postcards. With Vital Retention, our postcard reminders include pictures of your shop and your employees give a personal touch to your marketing efforts and keep your customers close to your shop.

Loyalty Points Program

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Customizable loyalty points program –  Normal rewards programs don’t actually reward customer loyalty, only how much money you spend. With AutoVitals’ loyalty points program, your shop actually rewards drivers for keeping up with preventative maintenance rather than just how much money they spend

And How We Take it to the Next Level



Sometimes the Highest ROI Can Come from a Phone Call

Generate a list of ideal customers who need a service reminder phone call 

A personal phone call reminder from your staff may be just the thing that your customers need to remember the exceptional customer service they have when they visit your shop and get them back in the door. Phone calls can give you the highest return on investment of any type of customer communication but only if they are personalized by vehicle specifics and customer service history. AutoVitals Retention gives you the ability to quickly and easily generate a targeted list of the customers with service history and vehicle information included so every phone call has a personal touch, and with the ability to log conversations and measure campaign success, you will be able to truly identify what is working and what to change.

Communicate With Motorists Through a Mobile App

Push notification repair and service reminders keep your shop top of mind

Everything is mobile these days. Push notifications are one of the best ways to notify your customers that they are due for service because they are hard to ignore and easy to respond to. With AutoVitals Retention, your customers will have access to your shop and all of their service and repair needs through a mobile application. Your shops very own mobile app gives your customers a quick and easy place to manage all of their vehicles and make an appointment at your shop keeping them loyal and ensuring they turn to you for their repair and maintenance needs.




Give Customers One Place to Go for Vehicle Information

Provide motorists with their very own Service Center to keep track of vehicle health and service

Your customers are getting more and more used to convenience in today’s high tech world. They want one place to go for everything. Auto Repair is no different. With AutoVitals Retention, you can give your customers one place to go online where they can keep track of their vehicle service, know when they need to come in for an appointment, and keep track of what services they are due for. By providing all of this information, and giVINg customers an easy place to book an appointment, your shop becomes the go to place for all of their vehicle service and maintenance needs and they have no need to go anywhere else.

Give Loyalty Points for Staying on Schedule & Referring Friends

Reward motorists who stay on schedule, not just big spenders.

Your most valuable customers are the ones who keep up with their preventative maintenance on schedule and come back to your shop when it is time for a tune up. You may also know that your most valuable new customers are those referred by their friends. AutoVitals With AutoVitals Retentions’ loyalty points program, you reward those customers. Our program that rewards adherence to schedule rather than just dollar spend, and gives your customers points for referring their friends, allowing you to create a truly loyal customer base.


Extending Customer Service Beyond the Counter

Recreate the counter experience for motorists after they walk out the door

When and how you interact with your customers after they come in for service are sometimes the two most important factors to showing them how much you value their business and leaVINg a lasting impression on them. Our thank you email allows your customers to relive the experience a good service advisor provides them at vehicle pickup and leaVINg a Google review for your shop is as easy as clicking a button, helping boost your customer satisfaction in the shop and online.

**Ask your rep about how you can get our Advanced Custom Thank You Email through integrating your web marketing, customer retention, and SmartFlow with our full SmartFlow Engagement Suite

Keep Track of Your Customer Retention Performance

Measure, review, and modify your retention efforts for maximum effectiveness

Because the lifetime value of a customer is as much as 300%  more valuable to you than a new customer, it is important to know whats working and what you need to improve on. With AutoVitals Retention you will have an extensive overview of your retention statistics and can easily pinpoint which of your campaigns or efforts is most effective in keeping customers.


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