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AutoVitals Unveils New Home Screen And Repair Order Tiles To Significantly Enhance Workflow Management Capabilities

AutoVitals Unveils New Home Screen and Repair Order Tiles to Significantly Enhance Workflow Management Capabilities

San Diego, CA: AutoVitals, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for auto repair shops, is excited to announce its reimagined Repair Order (RO) Tiles and Today Vehicle Page’s (TVP) home screen included in its inspection and workflow management products. The cutting-edge design will make it easier than ever for shop owners, service advisors, and shop managers to access vital vehicle information quickly and efficiently from AutoVitals’ home screen. 

AutoVitals’ RO Tiles now feature… 

Customization: Shops now have the ability to enable and disable most features on the Repair Order Tile to fit their shop’s operation. This means your home screen will be tailor-made for your shop’s needs and enable your shop staff to see everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Promise Time Visibility: The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to return their vehicle on time. Now, your shop team can see the promised time for every vehicle front and center on the Repair Order Tile. Additionally, shops can enable the Repair Order Tile to flash red if the promised time has passed to alert the shop team. Higher promise time visibility will enable your shop to consistently deliver exceptional customer service. 

Inspection Progress Bar: View real-time technician progress on the inspection. Plus, you can also view when your customers have opened the inspection and how long they have spent reviewing your shop’s recommendations from the RO Tile. This reduces the time spent by your team waiting on approvals and allows your service advisors to have more informed conversations with the customer. 

Job Progress Bar: You will never have to walk to the back of the shop to get an update on a vehicle’s progress again. At a glance, shop personnel can now see how many of the total labor lines have been completed on every open repair order and how many billed hours remain. The job progress bar eliminates any uncertainty of vehicle progress and the ability to meet the shop and customer’s expectations of the completed time.

Open and Idle Visibility: The new design will automatically highlight the RO Tiles that represent vehicles that are actively being worked on by a technician. This will allow your shop team to clearly see what vehicles are in bays and which vehicles in your shop are waiting for an inspection, parts, or work to be performed.

Doug Brackett, owner of Downtown Automotive and AutoVitals beta tester, shared his excitement about the release, stating, I have been an AutoVitals client for over eight years and this TVPx update is a big improvement in usability and game changer to the appearance and functionality of the product. Increases to operational efficiency have a profound effect on my shops bottom line and AutoVitals is always looking for ways to improve”. 


The new Repair Order Tile with all new features enabled.

The new Repair Order Tile with all optional features disabled.


AutoVitals Director of Product, Robert Allen added, “I am excited to launch this new design for AutoVitals’ home page, the TVP, and RO Tile because it brings a more modern design, and simplifies the user experience while maintaining the valuable functionality that our clients, small business owners across the country, use every day to drive their business. We’ve also made the TVP more flexible so that users can remove features they don’t use for a more personalized experience, or highlight some of the key pieces of information to make important actions easier to identify. Ultimately, it will translate to more efficient workflow, resulting in a better process for your team, and your customers.”

At AutoVitals, we know that in your shop, time is money. All the new features of the RO Tile and the Today’s Vehicle Page have been designed with your shop’s efficiency and ease of use in mind. This release solidifies AutoVitals’ position as the industry leader in workflow management, giving independent repair shops more control over their car count. AutoVitals remains committed to continually releasing innovative products to meet the evolving needs of auto repair shops and enhance customer satisfaction. For further information about AutoVitals and its new functionalities, please request a product demonstration at

About AutoVitals:
AutoVitals is the leading provider of integrated software solutions for managing automotive shop workflow, internet marketing, and motorist engagement. The company’s shop success solutions automate every touchpoint of the vehicle repair transaction with motorists and enable efficient shop management. AutoVitals’ platform includes digital inspections, automated service reminders, consumer engagement, repair status updates, POS integration, educational videos, sales-to-technician communication, and real-time integration to repair data/POS. Learn more at

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