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Digital Shop Teams

Digital Shop Teams allow shop owners to work together as a team with Digital Supervisor Trainers, using a team approach to advising. For our August Service Advisor Huddle, we cover the implementation of Digital Shop Teams, as well as next steps and our promise to shop owners.

Changing your PoS Server Guidelines

      Point of Sale (PoS) Server Modification Guidelines               Before changing your Point of Sale software (PoS)… If you are going to be switching to a new PoS vendor or upgrading your PoS to a newer database technology (i.e. moving from an Access to a SQL database), your new software provider MUST transfer service history from the previous PoS. Then, please submit a ticket once the new PoS is in place so that we can begin the re-installation. A change in PoS software will always result in a 3-5 day re-installation process and a subsequent $250 setup fee.     Before making changes to your PoS server computer… Check-in with AutoVitals and with your other software providers to determine if your change will affect their program. In order for data integration to work, our system requires the exact path to where all your shop’s data is located on the server computer. If you REPLACE the server, ADD a server or CHANGE the name of your existing server computer, our systems will not know the path to access to your shop’s data. When any server change occurs, AutoVitals has to re-do the same steps that we did when your shop was originally set up. These steps are quite complex and require our software engineers. In total, it can take 3-5 days before your shop is back up and running and you will be invoiced for a $250 setup fee.   But wait, the change of SERVER fee can be avoided! In order to avoid the setup fee, make sure to have the new computer name exactly match...

7 Touchpoints – Inspect & Approval

In the 7 Touchpoints of Motorists’ Engagement, two major portions are the Inspection and Approval steps, which requires constant and clear communication between the techs, service advisors and the motorists. For our June Service Advisor Huddle, we cover these two touch points, as well as comparing how SmartFlow and SmartCheck support this process.

From Whiteboard to Digital Control Center

Many benefits come with implementing The Digital Shop®. When Matt Purselle, owner of Revolution in Decatur, GA, started, his first goal was to replace the whiteboard used for tech dispatching and eliminate the running back and forth of service advisor and techs. Two years later Matt is enjoying consistent shop operation, an overall boost in morale, transparency in inspections and educational information for motorists, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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