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AutoVitals V3.0 Overview

Our technology is constantly improving to help your shop stay up to date and keep our products easy to use. In this huddle, Uwe Kleinschmidt discusses the new features in the 3.0 release, as well as the different ways to get help through our Facebook page, as well as the page.

Best Results Require a Process Change

A process change is a vital component to bringing your shop into the 21st century. With our guest panelists, we discuss AutoVital’s role in that process change and use Ben Nielsen’s shop as an example of a success story with incredible results.

Retention Campaign Manager 2.0

For our first Service Advisor Huddle of 2017, our product manager Bianca Torres speaks about the new Retention Campaign Manager and all the features it adds to the retention suite and to the communication with the customer.

From Whiteboard to Digital Control Center

Many benefits come with implementing The Digital Shop®. When Matt Purselle, owner of Revolution in Decatur, GA, started, his first goal was to replace the whiteboard used for tech dispatching and eliminate the running back and forth of service advisor and techs. Two years later Matt is enjoying consistent shop operation, an overall boost in morale, transparency in inspections and educational information for motorists, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

A Look Back on 2016

2016 was a successful year for AutoVitals and its customers. Uwe Kleinschmidt and Frank Scandura look back on this year’s accomplishments and improvements, as well as speak on how AutoVitals will continue to improve the shop’s process in 2017.

NAPA and AutoVitals Join Forces for Next Gen Techs

When Richard R. Borra with O’Shea Tire & Service Center approached NAPA and AutoVitals to help out him out with his local NY BOCES school, we were in. Or as Richard put it…

Combine Coaching with Productivity Tools to Win

To understand what the true benefits of AutoVitals are, it is important to see real life success stories. With ATI trainers Bryan Stasch and Michael Bennett, Uwe Kleinschmidt discusses how particular shops became more profitable by applying coaching and using SmartFlow.

8 Keys to Selling Auto Service

You’ll need to know your customers’ buying habits as well as their service histories. You should always request your first-time customers’ service records

Technicians of Tomorrow taste The Digital Shop®

Lindsay, our trainer extraordinaire went back to school. Not as a student but being a professor for two days at the Career and Technology Center Fort Osage.

Digital Supervisor Training

This month our guest speakers were our digital supervisor trainers who explained what digital supervisor training is and how it will benefit the shop. Customers who have attended the training also speak on how much it has changed their process.

The Digital Shop® Tablet Subscription

After we discontinued the iPad Mini 1 support, we realized that a new service to maintain the productivity of technicians was needed. We called our partner Apple and came up jointly with a solution we are now ready to offer to all shops. Introducing the Technician Productivity Warranty Plus!

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