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The Advent of Software and the Automotive Industry

As newer and more sophisticated software applications have started appearing in virtually every industry, the automotive industry is no different. Recent years have found an increase in competition between developers who have made it their mission to create foolproof, versatile and easy to use database-driven software for  auto repair shops. AutoVitals was the first to create digital inspections in this industry although our first product was actually web. We have continued to pioneer and be a company that other companies copy are keeping up with. Since our conception 7 years ago when we collected data via fax, we have experience a continual and expansive  growth of: wireless technology, cloud storage solutions, advanced security software and the Internet of Things and all the users who experience it have led to a redefinition of web based auto repair shop software on a large scale.

Auto Repair AfterMarket Speciality

We designed our product to fit you and we used thousands of shop owners input in our facebook group to create our products and drive development of the future!

Search & Educate

In today’s world, motorists use their smartphone to research problems with their vehicle. That means you need to meet motorists where they are – their smartphone. A custom website with AutoVitals is the solution.


Starting with Inspect, motorists want to be updated about the progress of their vehicle in the shop. 30-40% of calls to your shop can be eliminated and motorists are still engaged!


Send inspection results straight to the palm of their hand. Use images and videos to educate your motorists about services needed using our video library.

Follow Up

Stay in touch with your customers. Provide them with appointment reminders, targeted promotions, and loyalty points. Create high value with a single click.

Cloud Services

Important data and information is stored on our secure cloud to keep your data safe through hardware crashes.


The Importance of Web Based Cloud Technologies

One of the first qualities that experts will point to when it comes to web based technology for auto repair shops is the need for cloud-based solutions. The best providers already have highly secure, fast and dependable cloud software platforms that work very well to replace dated scheduling, inventory and even accounting solutions. The result is a well-oiled system that works extremely fast and operates over large areas. our  current point of sale data base integrations include:

    • MaxxTraxx
    • *R.O. Writer
    • **Mitchell1 (several variations – Manager SE, Teamworks, & ShopKey)
    • *NAPA TRACS (Legacy)
    • NAPA TRACS Enterprise
    • *Lankar [Add-On only available for newer SQL version. Most shops have older version and are incompatible)
    • AutoFluent by TABs
    • *VAST Enterprise by MAM Software
    • *Winworks
    • *ALLDATA Manage (not the online version)
    • *YES by Pace Software
    • CoStar
    • *M.Key
    • RepairWriter
    • *Protractor (our recommended integration)

* Denotes that we have 2-way integration with the SmartFlow Add-On
** Mitchell1 must be version 6.0 or greater in order to have 2-way integration and all SmartFlow benefits.*
*** Testing with a select user base, not available for all users at this time

What to Consider Before Selecting an Auto Repair Shop Software

When choosing your software, it’s important to know what it’s supposed to do. For auto repair shop software, it is essential that the platform be fast and dependable, and in our opinion all encompassing, so you have one vendor for your website, your digital inspections, workflow, customer communications, and customer retention. This coverage of all touchpoints with one vendor allows you to leverage digital inspections across all other touchpoints making automatic messaging that includes unique images and videos of that customers vehicle and specific recommendations.  The experience for the motorist is also seamless, they experience consistent branding, interface, and overall look and feel from you website and online request form as the updates, inspection, thank you and follow ups, they recognize you right away and because of the experience and transparency you provide they trust you right away.

The Main Qualities of the Best Web Based Software

High quality web based software designed for auto repair shops is defined as accurate, dependable, efficient  and provided with an easy to use UI and a capable team of technicians. Customer support is essential during the first few weeks, when the learning curve can be greater. There is an overall process change for the service writers as well as the technicians and this is to be expected and leadership is needed for successful implementation. Our training team provides very specific goal and metrics for amount of pictures taken per inspection and how many vehicles are inspections, as well as how many inspections get sent.  Once technician and service advisors know how to use the software, they will never want to let it go, their jobs have been simplified and the repeat tasks that they used to have to remember are simply automated. AutoVitals is committed to staying in front of the automotive aftermarket industry and to continue to build products for and with actual shop owners, service writers and technicians. With us you get a complete development team that is willing to go the extra mile to offer customized, high quality features, advanced well-designed reports and an overall complete platform to cover every aspect of their customer touchpoint cycle and increase revenue to meet goals.

The Pricing of Web Based Software

When it comes to web based auto repair shop software, free offers aren’t too many. However, there is still plenty of affordable software out there, and much of it features free trial periods and discounts that act as incentive for prospective buyers. you can test out our free digital shop app and send inspections via text message. also if you are a NAPA AutoCare center you get our tablet based integrated digital inspection platform SmartCheck at no monthly cost with only an initial set up fee to integrate with your database.   If you wish to pay less at first, and test out the whole process we can help. We also have thousands of shops in North America so just ask us to refer you to a digital shop near you to see it in action, or give a fellow shop owner a call! If you run an auto repair shop, the initial investment for the installation of web based auto repair shop software is minimal if you want the results to be minimal, if you invest more your results are guaranteed to be higher or you get your money back we have complete confidence ,you will find the total investment to be completely worthwhile.

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