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Please complete the form to learn more about how AutoVitals workflow management, CRM, and websites complement Shop-Ware’s shop management solution.  After completing the form, expect to hear from AutoVitals within two business days.

AutoVitals Solution Overview

AutoVitals empowers automotive repair shop owners to achieve lasting financial success by transforming their businesses to meet the evolving standards of the digital age. Our inspection, workflow, web presence, customer retention, and business analytics transform service advisors into trusted consultants, and technicians into agents of transparency and productivity.

Shop-Ware & AutoVitals Integration

The second version (V2) of the AutoVitals Shop-Ware integration is now available.

When the integration is enabled:

  • AutoVitals “Today’s Vehicles Page” (TVP) and the tablet application “AutoVitals.X” will display important information for each work order received from Shop-Ware 
  • Additional information, relevant to higher job approval and shop operation, will be added by the technician and service advisor to the work order while utilizing the AutoVitals inspection and workflow tools
  • This data will then be appended to the work order in Shop-Ware (except the service comment in V1) in order to provide a complete picture of each work order. 
  • Canned jobs marked for all vehicle types in Shop-Ware can be mapped to trigger AutoVitals Smart Markers when the canned job is added to a Shop-Ware work order

Key information delivered to Shop-Ware from the AutoVitals solutions includes:

  • Motorists opt-in to text status, and the complete conversation (text/email) is visible
  • Notes, comments, measurements, and links to images and videos taken by the technician and/or service advisor in AutoVitals are added to the service group comments in Shop-Ware
  • A link to the AutoVitals digital inspection result is added to the service group comment of the inspection service line on the work order 
  • Odometer entered in AutoVitals updates the odometer field in Shop-Ware
  • Shop-Ware canned jobs can be mapped to inspection sheet recommendations in AutoVitals. This allows the shop to click the “Update WO” button in AutoVitals to add the recommendations to the recommendation pane on the Shop-Ware work order.
  • Technician clock-in/out and job completion will be able to be written back to Shop-Ware in a future version

* Please note that VIN and license plate are not currently supported for the 2-way integration but are expected to be added by 1/30/21 (internal estimated date). Additionally, Smart Canned jobs (vehicle-type specific canned jobs) are currently not supported. 

For a detailed demonstration on the integration, watch the video below.

AutoVitals Solution Offerings



  • Send detailed inspection results straight to your customer’s phone.  Images from the motorist’s car can be marked-up to draw attention to the problem areas and annotated to make inspection results clear and concise. 
  • AutoVitals can automatically include links to educational videos and articles to make it simple for the motorist to understand how a particular system works and why it’s important to repair it. 

More approved work

  •  Average of 76% more approved work with AutoVitals DVI.X in comparison to traditional paper inspections
  • Increase ARO by at least 20%
  • Your customers will love doing business with you
DVI Dashboard.


Inspect + Workflow + Customer Retention

In a paper-based shop, 580 unproductive minutes are spent running back and forth from the bays to ask questions, getting a new paper inspection if oil is spilled on one, having to print out a new repair order if additional work is found, and more. Service Advisors are constantly managing interrupts from their team and customers leading to inefficiency.

With AutoVitals’ SmartFlow.X…

  • The Today’s Vehicle Page offers service advisors and managers a 360-degree view of the shop’s activities, straight from the tech’s tablet to the counter
  • See the status of every vehicle in the shop, how many hours of work each technician has for the day, what vehicles are waiting for parts, and more
  • The task manager enables service advisors to see their to-do list at a glance by automatically creating tasks based on the inspection and repair order. The tasks even get prioritized for them
  • Inspection results are leveraged for the most impactful customer retention. Service reminders, appointment reminders, and more include visual evidence for the need to perform recommended jobs leading to customers returning to the shop over and over.
  • Use the brand and campaign manager to send marketing campaigns tailored to your shop’s needs.
Labor Inventory Management Dashboard.


Inspect + Workflow + Web Presence 

AutoVitals’ Digital Shop.X is the only platform focused specifically on driving the right appointments to your shop.  The goal is to increase car count by targeting the locations, services, makes, and models that are ideal for the business. AutoVitals offers a comprehensive suite of fully integrated features and services to support a shop’s digital marketing goals and objectives. 

Google’s Lighthouse is the industry-standard method for scoring the effectiveness of a website designed to drive traffic and prioritize search results. In order for a site to do its job and help bring customers in the door, a shop’s Lighthouse score is the most important indicator. AutoVitals has built Digital Shop.X with this in mind. 

DigitalShop.X website mainpage.

Business Control Panel

Included in our SmartFlow.X and DigitalShop.X packages, the Business Control Panel allows a shop to measure performance across the entire AutoVitals installation, against the objectives set for each individual shop.  Inspecting business processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is just as important as inspecting motorists’ vehicles. AutoVitals makes it easy to understand the data and where to focus energy to achieve goals. 

Graph of increased ARO.
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