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Challenges Before AutoVitals

Advanced Automotive had been in business for 28 years before using AutoVitals. During that time, Greg Augustine tried multiple different vendors for his website, marketing, and digital inspections with little to show for his investment.

Ineffective Marketing

Even after implementing service reminders and email marketing, Advanced Automotive was still dealing with a lot of no-shows and struggling to get customers back in for declined services.

Glitchy Digital Inspections

Greg Augustine stated, “We never had a good experience with [our previous digital inspection provider]”. Without educational videos and notes, their previous inspections did little to sell additional work.

After AutoVitals

In April 2024, Advanced Automotive signed up with AutoVitals’ digital vehicle inspections, workflow management, CRM, and website and saw immediate results.

21% Increase in Revenue

Advanced Automotive’s weekly revenue increased by 21% after implementing AutoVitals’ digital vehicle inspections, CRM, and website.

More Repeat Customers

AutoVitals’ initial marketing campaigns generated 14 additional appointments for Advanced Automotive.

Return on Investment

“We are saving hundreds of dollars every month and getting 40% better marketing”.

3+ Hours Saved Every Day

AutoVitals digital inspections sped up Advanced Automotive’s approval process & streamlined internal shop communication.

AutoVitals Solutions Used By Advanced Automotive

AutoVitals’ digital inspections are easy-to-use for your service advisors and technicians and will wow your customers.

AutoVitals’ customizable websites are designed to convert site visitors to appointments and life-long customers.

An Example Of A Customized AutoVitals Website.

AutoVitals’ CRM includes smart service reminders and email and text campaigns to get customers back into your shop.

An Example Of AutoVitals Service Reminders. This Service Reminder Shows A Notice To Replace Front Tires.
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