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At AutoVitals, we value our customers and strive to provide the best solutions for your automotive shop management needs. We understand that entering into an Agreement can sometimes raise questions or concerns, so we want to explain why we require our customers to enter into an agreement with AutoVitals. Rest assured, our Agreements are designed with your best interests in mind.

Here are the key benefits you can enjoy as an AutoVitals customer when you enter into an Agreement with us:

Protection from Price Increases

By entering into an Agreement with AutoVitals, you are safeguarded against potential price increases that may occur during the agreed-upon period. We understand that running an automotive shop involves managing costs effectively, and we want to provide you with peace of mind regarding the pricing of our services. With a fixed rate for the duration of the initially defined Agreement period, you can focus on running your business without worrying about unexpected financial changes.

Clear Obligations and Exceptional Service

Our Agreements outline AutoVitals’ obligations to you on a monthly basis. We are committed to delivering a solution with exceptional customer service, technical support, and training. By specifying these obligations in the Agreement, you have a clear understanding of the level of service you can expect from us. We believe in transparency and accountability, and our Agreements ensure that we uphold our end of the Agreement to provide you with the best experience possible.

Tailored for Most Shops

Our Agreements are designed to work for the vast majority of automotive repair shops. We have carefully crafted our offerings and Agreement requirements based on industry best practices and extensive experience working with shops and organizations of all sizes. By entering into an Agreement with us, you gain access to a range of features and services that have been tailored to meet your shop(s)’ needs.

Terminating Your Agreement with AutoVitals

Our Agreements provide a stable and reliable partnership throughout the Term of your initial Agreement. We understand that circumstances arise in which you may not wish to continue your Agreement with AutoVitals after your initial Term. Please provide a written intent to not renew your Agreement at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of the current Term to your AutoVitals Customer Success Advisor. 


At AutoVitals, our mission is to help automotive shops thrive by providing cutting-edge technology and exceptional support. By entering into an Agreement with us, you not only gain the benefits of price protection and clear obligations but also join a community of satisfied customers who have experienced the positive impact of our solutions firsthand.

We invite you to explore our Agreement terms further at Should you have any additional questions or concerns, our knowledgeable Customer Success and Sales teams are available to assist you. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Does AutoVitals offer month-to-month Agreements? 
A: No, AutoVitals only offers 12-month or 24-month Agreements.

Q: If I believe an AutoVitals representative stated that I could cancel my Agreement at any time, am I able to cancel?
A: We record (most) sales calls and product demonstrations for training purposes and will be glad to have our management team listen to any recordings we have to determine if our team misrepresented your Agreement Terms.  

Q: I believe that I am eligible for an early Agreement termination. Who can I contact to discuss this?
A: Please reach out to your dedicated AutoVitals Customer Success Advisor or contact our team at and select “Customer Success” for “Who is your message for?”. 

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