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To be a multi-shop, or not to be a multi-shop? That is the question just about every shop owner out there has asked themselves. There are so many opportunities available when expanding your business, but there can be a number of headaches and challenges as well. In an effort to help any shop owner friends of ours who may be struggling with some of these questions, we thought we would bring an expert to the show.

On this week’s episode of Digital Shop Talk Radio, we have Mike Button (Affordable Automotive and Affordable Automotive West) who currently owns two locations and is working on adding another location (as well as some other interesting projects). He is going to fill us in on what goes into his decision-making process when considering further expansion, how he knows when to pounce at an opportunity, and how he uses the Digital Shop to manage his locations. Tune in for a thought-provoking look at multi-shop ownership.

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