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The Digital Shop Talk Radio

Episode Description

This week, we are tackling the adoption of processes in the shop. We’ll hone in on Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI), and the strategies they, and other shop owners, have used to turn antiquated methods into healthy shop habits.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Save time in the shop by making time for growth and improvement
  • How to maintain ARO increase after implementation
  • 9 Takeaways you can implement in your shop for immediate results

Special guests:
Marc Arnold and Greg Masewic (owners of four Meineke locations in the Concord, NH area)

The 9 Takeaways straight from Marc and Greg:

  1. “There’s a million good reasons to send it (DVI), and 0 to not”
  2. “It’s just about staying the course” – be as consistent as you can
  3. Send it out as soon as you edit it, don’t wait on the estimate. The more they look at it before a cost is attached, the better. They sold themselves
  4. Guys half-committed are worse than uncommitted at all
  5. You can’t properly inspect a car in 6 minutes, paper or not, so commit to the better process
  6. Speech-to-text was the most rapidly adopted feature – start there.
  7. SAs are most pushed outside of their comfort zone, but time and consistency take care of hesitancies
  8. DVI changes the selling procedure – you’re educating, they’re buying
  9. It’s so much nicer to schedule the work out – bigger chunks of work, easier to plan their day, etc
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