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AutoVitals’ Clients Utilize Transformers Institute to Help Enable Shop Growth

AutoVitals’ Clients Utilize Transformers Institute to Help Enable Shop Growth

 AutoVitals is proud to partner with Transformers Institute to bring coaching and training essentials and great software to shop owners of any size.


San Diego, CA: AutoVitals, a leading provider of SaaS solutions to automotive repair and maintenance shops, announced today their partnership with Transformers Institute. Transformers Institute is an educational organization that provides live training, video training, consulting and coaching programs, M&A assistance, financing solutions, and marketing services for the auto repair industry.

Over the years, Transformers Institute has meticulously studied and developed memberships to coincide with the training classes–shop owners are part of specific groups that are facilitated by coaches to help them help each other. This enables them to provide proven strategies to transform auto shops providing knowledge in business psychology, culture, leadership, and tactical best practices.

A current member, Frank Scandura credits both AutoVitals and Transformers with his increased business, “When I implemented a digital process and started to measure inspection rates, the number of inspections sent, and the number of pictures taken, we started to see a major increase in ARO (From $450 to $1250!) and an increase in customer engagement. And with AutoVitals’ workflow management, we’ve been able to streamline a lot of processes making things easier on the front end.”

AutoVitals and Transformers Institute are both focused on helping automotive repair shops increase their ARO, productivity, car count, and profitability by providing best-in-class tools and knowledge that will elevate their businesses to the next level.

Chris Evans, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, said, “Partnering with Transformers Institute will help provide shops of all sizes the training essentials they need in order to be a top shop in the industry. This is a “best-in-class training meets best-in-class solutions” partnership, and we’re thrilled to be working with them to help shops in their journey to reach their financial goals.”

Transformers Institute CEO, Greg Bunch, said, “In order to address the ever-changing landscape of the independent automotive service repair industry, Transformers Institute and AutoVitals are working together to provide solutions for automotive shops to thrive and grow. Transformers Institute is the industry leader in bringing the top shops together through their Mastermind groups, along with sales, operations, multi-location growth, and leadership training. AutoVitals is providing advanced technology to enhance the client experience through digital inspections, workflow management, and customized retention tools. By partnering, Transformers Institute and AutoVitals are helping shop owners have world-class auto repair businesses that will dominate their markets now and well into the future.”

About AutoVitals: AutoVitals is the leading provider of integrated software solutions for managing automotive shop workflow, internet marketing, and motorist engagement. The company’s shop success solutions automate every touchpoint of the vehicle repair transaction with motorists and enable efficient shop management. AutoVitals’ platform includes digital inspections, automated service reminders, consumer engagement, repair status updates, POS integration, educational videos, sales-to-technician communication, and real-time integration to repair data/POS. Learn more at

About Transformers Institute: The Transformers Institute takes a holistic approach to helping shop owners and their staff transform the automotive industry. Each company they work with can be on a different part of its journey and Transformers Institute customizes a plan that fits their goals and desires. The Transformers Institute team dedicates itself to helping shop owners across the country build the business of their dreams. Learn more at

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