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"Leaders pay it forward"

Watch the Highlights

Service Advisor Works From Home?!

Watch the short clip below to hear Russ give an update on his 2nd Location!

Link to 7 minute timestamp.

Treat Everyone as a Friend.

In this four-minute clip, Fred talks about the right attitude to help pay it forward

Link to 34 minute timestamp.

Is This The Ultimate Payback?

Listen to Russ drop a bomb about his plans to pay it forward with his team!

Link to 1 hour timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

On this Christmas Eve edition of Digital Shop Talk Radio, Uwe and I are talking with Fred Gestwicki and Russ Crosby about appreciation, giving back, and paying it forward. What an inspiration these Digital Shop Operators are! Don’t miss the big bombshell at the end!

Merry Christmas!

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