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“An Easy Button for your Shop”

Watch the Highlights

Are you sure your Tech’s are producing enough hours?

Watch the 4 minute clip below to see how Bill uses the Business Control Panel to make sure!

Link to 1 minute timestamp.

Guided Inspection mode guarantees higher estimates

Watch the short clip below and hear Bill and Uwe compare the results of 2 Techs, 1 using guided, the other not:

Link to 1 minute timestamp.

Mike Baggett volunteers to have his data reviewed live!

Watch this short clip to see the prognosis

Link to 49 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success
  • Would you like an easy button for your shop? 
  • What if you could determine the root cause of poor performance in your shop within minutes? 

Uwe, Bill and I are talking metrics! Specifically how you can use your Business Control panel to quickly diagnose opportunities for improvement, find the root cause, and take the right corrective action to improve.

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