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My shop was hit by the bus, but I’m still crushing the month!

Watch the 4 minute clip below to hear what Levon did when his whole crew caught Covid!

Link to 1 minute timestamp.

I hit my goals 5 years early!!

Watch the short clip below and hear Levon describe how adopting the Digital Shop accelerated his growth:

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Do you know your Lighthouse score?

This 3 minute clip will save you hours of frustration:

Link to 46 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success
  • Would you be able to survive if your whole shop came down with Covid?? 
  • Do you have the courage to face your lighthouse website score? 

Uwe and I talk with Levon Arnold from Long Arm Mechanics in Garden City, ID as he tells us why having a bulletproof SOP and being able to “second nature” is critical to make sure your shop is prepared for any challenge… even the whole Team catching Covid!!

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