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“Master the Basics”

260,000 reasons to put a Tech in charge of my new DVI

Listen as Dennis Eidson talks about the pay off!!

Increase ARO

Highlights of the Episode

    1. Learn how an intervention from his AutoVitals trainer helped Dennis regain $5K in weekly revenue : 

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    2. Listen as Dennis talks about making the hard choices to achieve success 

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    3. Watch Uwe set up the same KPI alerts that helped Dennis achieve his revenue goal.   Shortcut to the Highlight 👈

Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success
  • Have you been struggling to implement DVI and get your staff onboard? 
  • Are you “doing the inspections” but not getting the results you want? 

Uwe and I talk with Dennis Eidson from Honest-1 Roswell, Ga as he tells us how he was able to increase revenue more in the last year than the previous 5 years combined!

In case you missed it, here are some highlights to get you started:

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