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"Invest in your people and measure the performance of that investment with KPIs"

Greg Bunch – Multi- location owner and President of the Transformers Institute

JR Luna – Multi-location owner

Watch the Highlights

“Why don’t you just go lay on the beach?”

Watch this 4 minute clip and hear Greg Bunch talk about how and why the Transformers Institute was founded

Link to 47 minute timestamp.

“Leadership can’t be bought or inherited, it must be earned”

JR tells us about a time he was in a bad shop culture

Link to 8 minute timestamp.

Key to Success: Focus on these 8 points

Watch as Greg explains the 8 points the Transformer Institute focuses on for multi-shop success

Link to 48 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

On this week’s episode of The Digital Shop Talk Radio, Uwe and I welcome Greg Bunch from the Transformers Institute, and JR Luna, a Multi-Shop Owner and member of the Transformers Institute, to talk about culture and KPIs for multi-shop success

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