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"Invest in your people and measure the performance of that investment with KPIs"

Greg Bunch – Multi- location owner and President of the Transformers Institute

JR Luna – Multi-location owner

Watch the Highlights

“Why don’t you just go lay on the beach?”

Watch this 4 minute clip and hear Greg Bunch talk about how and why the Transformers Institute was founded

“Leadership can’t be bought or inherited, it must be earned”

JR tells us about a time he was in a bad shop culture

Key to Success: Focus on these 8 points

Watch as Greg explains the 8 points the Transformer Institute focuses on for multi-shop success

Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

On this week’s episode of The Digital Shop Talk Radio, Uwe, and I welcome Greg Bunch from the Transformers Institute, and JR Luna, a Multi-Shop Owner and member of the Transformers Institute, to talk about culture and KPIs for multi-shop success

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