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"BayIQ and AutoVitals:"

Guests – Jennifer Thronson VP of Business Development and GM of BayIQ and Jon Belmonte, CEO of AutoVitals

Watch the Highlights

Digital inspection + Loyalty points = More maintenance sold

In this short clip, hear Uwe discuss a winning strategy to sell more maintenance work

Link to 1 hour timestamp.

BayIQ shops by the numbers

Listen to this short clip as Jennifer Thronson discusses ROI numbers

Link to 25 minute timestamp.

Customize your loyalty points to incentivize maintenance work approvals

In this short clip, Jenn talks about best practices for BayIQ

Link to 19 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

In this week’s episode of The Digital Shop Talk Radio, we talk with Jennifer Thronson the former CEO of BayIQ and John Belmonte CEO of AutoVitals about the acquisition of BayIQ by AutoVitals and what that means for current and future customers

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