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"Ask the Coach with Mike Bennett from ATI"

Watch the Highlights

Phase 1: What happens when your Tech’s beliefs change?

Listen as Mike discusses the impact of Tech adoption

Link to 1 minute timestamp.

Phase 2: The key to success: Increase estimate value

Watch this short clip to see how Babcock Auto Repair did it

Link to 27 minute timestamp.

Phase 3: Your Customer’s beliefs change

Listen as Mike and Uwe discuss how Customer’s begin to see you as a valued service provider, not just a repair shop

Link to 39 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

In this episode, Mike Bennett from ATI lays out the 3 phases of success that he coaches for a Digital Shop and takes us step by step through the action plan Babcock Auto Repair used to nearly double their ARO!

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