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"Who wants to be a Digital Shop Millionaire?"

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How do you find the Tech Effectiveness Report on TVPx?

Listen as Bill and Uwe discuss how to use the Tech Effectiveness Report to gauge shop performance.

Why is the Tech’s time bar flashing red?

Does Bill have the right answer?

In Guided Mode, what must be completed to submit the inspection?

Watch as Bill uses his 50/50 lifeline. Does he make it to a Million? 

Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

On this first episode of the New Year, Uwe and I welcome Bill Rimmer and Ashley Payne from Coopers Lake Automotive in Smyrna, GA to play the first edition of “Who Wants to be a Digital Shop Millionaire?” Watch this fun and informational episode and find out if Bill and Ashley have what it takes to be crowned Digital Shop Millionaires!

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