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“Jill Trotta from RepairPal discusses how to drive leads with transparency”

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Transparency is the currency of trust

Watch the short clip below and hear Jill Trotta talk about how RepairPal helps shops turn leads into lifetime customers.

Link to 1 minute timestamp.

Does RepairPal think Shops are Over Charging?

Watch the clip below and hear Jill talk about how RepairPal determines estimates.

Link to 21 minute timestamp.

How does RepairPal handle variables like diag or inspection fees?

Listen to Jill discuss how shops set their pricing with RepairPal.

Link to 26 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success
  • Does RepairPal think shops are overcharging?
  • Does RepairPal let shady shops undercut prices?
  • How does RepairPal determine estimate range?

Watch this week’s edition of the Digital Shop Talk Radio and hear Jill Trotta from RepairPal answer the tough questions that shops want to know!

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