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“80% ARO increase is just the start!”

Watch the Highlights

Tom gained $5K/wk despite losing a Tech and catching Covid.

Watch the short clip below and hear Tom talk about how adding workflow management took his shop to the next level.

Link to 45 minute timestamp.

How guided cut inspection time in half!

Watch the 4 minute clip below and hear Tom talk about his success with guided inspections.

Link to 42 minute timestamp.

How big screens in the back, keep the carpet clean up front!

Listen to Tom share his secret to keeping the Techs away from the front counter .

Link to 8 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success
  • Have a vision and don’t ever quit.
  • How guided helped reduce inspection time from 1.6 minutes per topic down to 40 seconds.
  • ARO increase – $80. +$5,000/week with 1 less Tech

Bill, Uwe, and I welcome Tom Braun from Tuffy Tire & Service in Clinton Township, MI. Tom knew going digital was the key to his strategy, the only problem was his Point of Sale, which didn’t integrate, Corporate had no support for outside tools and his tire customers don’t want to be sold. Tom wouldn’t take no for an answer and now he is reaping the benefits!

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