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“Not Just a Time Clock”

Watch the Highlights

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Watch the short clip below and hear Tony talk about managing Tech hours more effectively.

Link to 8 minute timestamp.

How do you get your Tech’s to buy in?

Watch the 4 minute clip below and hear Frank talk about setting his Tech’s up for success:

Link to 16 minute timestamp.

The ability to see my shop load at a glance.

Listen to Frank talk about how workflow management has been a game changer for his shop.

Link to 37 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success
  • The benefits of Technician time tracking and management right on their tablets.
  • What if you could see your shop load at a glance and keep productivity maxed? 

Bill and I welcome Tony Zanders from Heritage Auto Repair in Meridian, ID and Frank Scandura from Frank’s European in Las Vegas, NV as they share insights into how to implement and benefit from the AutoVitals Te-E Time tool.

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