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“Build an All-Star Team on a Budget”

Techician Writing On Inspection Sheet.

Are you tired of the turnover?

Do you feel “held hostage” by your staff?

Jay Goninen from WrenchWay and Fred Gestwicki from Fix-it with Fred are here to help!

Catch the Highlights below:

Highlights of the Episode

  1. Fred shares an innovative solution for finding out if a prospective new hire will fit the shop culture. Get the inside scoop 👈
  2. Uwe and Fred talk about how the Digital Shop® transparency helps shops build an attractive culture. Get the inside scoop 👈
  3. Hear Jay and Fred discuss effective vetting of a prospective new hire and Fred shares how he has the spouse or family interview him! . Get the inside scoop 👈

Main Benefits Covered during the Episode


Innovative ideas to make sure your next hire is the right one.


“Always Be Recruiting.”

Have a plan and build a bench of talent

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