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“Could Your Service Advisor Be Your Best Marketer?”

Have you ever wished you had a magic button that your Service Advisor could push and fill your bays with the type of work you want to do?

Well Guess what? You do!

Watch Russ Crosby show us how his Service Writer uses the Campaign Manager in SmartFlow X to fill gaps in the appointment schedule and grow follow-up visits by 25%+

It’s more than just getting them through the door to take their money, it’s about really looking out for the benefit of them and their family.

Russ Crosby.
Russ Crosby, Owner

Russ’s Wrench in Clinton, NJ

The help is there, the tool is there. I think sometimes we’re just too afraid to jump in there and try it.

Russ Crosby.
Russ Crosby, Owner

Russ’s Wrench in Clinton, NJ

Main Benefits Covered during the Episode


Giving your Advisor the ability to deploy targeted campaigns to keep the bays full could result in 25%+ increase in follow-up appointments.

See It Done

Watch Russ demonstrate how his Service Advisor can quickly send a targeted campaign.

Highlights of the Episode

  1. Russ talks about how to get started. Get the inside scoop 👈
  2. Watch Russ set up and launch a campaign Get the inside scoop 👈
  3. Hear Russ talk about his results and answer best practice and implementation questions from the audience. Get the inside scoop 👈

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